Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Stoner/Psych/Heavy Rock

Liquid Silk, the 70s heavy rock fraction from Berlin deliver real groove rock  peppered with a lot of stoner, blues and psychedelic.
The whole thing is served with a sound that originates from the 70s heavy rock and reached the optimum influenced by the stoner rock band Kyuss.
Liquid Silk transport you to a time when the streets were still dusty, a real desert sound.
Some songs reminds you the "good ol 'rock music" e.g. The Doors,Free & The Who.
Other strong influences are Led Zeppelin, Clutch, Graveyard and Black Sabbath.
To put it simply: Liquid Silk make 70s-retro-stoner-blues-psychedelic rock with desert groove.


"This four young dude's knwo how to rock like their idols from the 70ies, classic hard rock structures with nice licks and solos, some dreamy parts for a smooth time, blues oriented fuzz riffs and stomping toms...for their first stuff a real nice piece of good music. Let's see what these guys can give live on stage and how the progression works!"

Big thank's to Ando

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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