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Founded on 9/9/2009, The first recordings were a solo effort that couldn't progress from a Computer chip to a live setting without help from more than 1 or 2 musicians aside from Diego. Long time friend C. Tover AKA "Jvdas" was unwillingly harmonically drafted to join as Sonic Wizard into the tutelage of Sonic Shamanism at Dissension Without Borders Academy.

Dissefacto; is more or less, the vessel with which to attempt to form a path towards the collective unconscious of our Internal psyches. The Etymology of the Name comes from the true meaning of artistic and personal freedom with personal moral honorific boundaries. These Proclivities may be deemed pretentious to some, but we honor our musical lineage and integrate it to the Music.

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Big Thank's to
Diego Cisneros

"Ok let's say something about this band...Dissefactor is difficult to classify, they have basic forms of metal, sludge and doom part's and a lot playful parts with delay and other psych effect's.But to be honest the music is not really for retribution. I lack the force and the accuracy, for example in some song's the delay is not adapted from the tempo and there are also some wrong notes on this record. For a demo CD it's ok but not for sale.
So at the end i can say it's a album with nice idea's and song's but the implementation is just too immature...let's wait for the next upcoming track's and let us see whether an improvement shows."

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