Friday, May 17, 2013

Three days of green smoke over berlin...

Three days of green smoke over berlin... 

What a unforgettable weekend in berlin's great location Astra Kulturhaus, with a big high quality line up for all music lovers of heavy, fuzzy, doomy and underground sounds. Three days pure music enjoyment with all facets of high quality stage technique and sound.
The first step was done by the polish dude's from Satellite Beaver, what a fucking start for this year...
It was a real experience to see the godfathers of stoner rock like John Garcia, Andy Seay with Unida it was like a dream for me, sometimes the sound make some problems on the big stage but but even that was mostly resolved quickly.
Tommi Hollapa with Dozer was a blast, after a long time back on stage and fresh like a new band, it was really amazing to see them live again(last time: Vienna 10.05.2007 with Tank 86). And surely not to forget Mario Lalli and his great desert bands Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man.
Sometimes it was to much for the big Stage but most of all songs where a orgy in my ears.
Not to forget the great show of Lowrider, they are back again with big energy and good mood...a very emotional concert for me. The one and only Legend of Funeral Doom Bobby Liebling with Pentagram was a party for my ears and my eyes. Like a puppet, like in a dream and a great man to photograph, bobby is a fucking model, he always looks so unreal to me...respect of this guy, what a great show.
Also the smaller bands have shown their best side, ear rotating shows of 1000 mods with a fat opener on Saturday, Alunah with a great performance and heavy deep doom moments, Belzebong with a giant final concert perfect to chill and enjoy...what a groove!!!,also from Poland Satellite Beaver this Guys rocked the small stage on the first day, great opener for the desert fest,Naam also makes a feelingful show with all the great Hits, Troubled Horse, Blues Pills with a murder performance, what a great line in this band(Ex-Radio Moscow Members)Cough, Lonely Kamel, Free Fall.. And other great band's from all over the world.
A lot of new material of different bands such as Orchid, Naam and Victor Griffins In-Graved. Kadavar...also with new bassist player named Simon(i know him as Driver from the last Kadavar Tour and the band "The Oath")small disputes between singer and bassist were the basic of the distinction...but our landman from K√§rnten takes it easy because he have more his great Mammut Bar in Berlin there is also plenty to do.
A cool location with all important and significant people of the scene...Davidew from Vincebus Eruptum present his new Magazine with great  important infos in it(thank's for my exemplar)check out a lot of interviews, reviews and new albums of the whole stoner world....get your own on the following link under the picture. Also Max of Go Down Records was there with the newest stuff of finest Vinyls and CD's, Kozmik Artefact's also with recordings of each quantity.A big merch stand for all the artists and enough beer and food for all the music enthusiasts. 
get your own Mag here
Sometime i thought it was good to have a second clone of myself  the two stages suck intens on my energy and makes it hard to photographs all bands, but enjoy the best photos on the following link, its a package of the finest moments of this great festival. Use it in your blog,mag or just send it your grandma...

Also i want to thank Orchid for their great show and their spooky occult sabbath song's...for me the highlight on this festival, all was perfect, the sound, big stage, the mood, the time and in my hand a full beer...Orchid for president!!! Satellite Beaver for the great Interview and the much fun with Rob, the possibility to go backstage and hang out with my friends of 1000 mods and Kadavar. It was a blast and a unforgettable festival..Next year will probably again a duty schedule!
I want to thank the whole sound of liberation team, Matte, Beth and silva for all the nice things and the organization of  the rockzilla crew Dave and co. for the Rockzilla Stage and for the great sound.
...the Interview with SATELLITE BEAVER will come online in some weeks on youtube...

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