Friday, May 31, 2013

...double feature from BELGIUM...


Wheel of Smoke is active since 2005, dwelling within Belgian underground rock scène they create a smoking mix of heavy, 70’s tinted rock, blended with a dash of grunge and postrock. The music varies from mesmerizing and melodic to pumping straightforward rock&roll. Wheel of Smoke is a musical journey which allows you to enter realms of cosmic madness.



"Very interesting opener with a nice message...comfortable jam atmosphere, grooveable riffing and innovative rhythm changes and a true raw vocal (reminds me on UGH!)...permanent tension-building song's with great atmospheric parts, very varied and pleasant to hear...5 bucks are ok for this good it because its good for you!!"

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

Jamming since 2003, formed by Timo, Tristan and Simon out of the ashes of an obscure metal band (Shadow Gate). They wanted to try something else and began a quest upon finding like-minded musicians..
Joined by Erik who was searching for a band to spill his guitarguts in, and also joined by Koner (who only stayed for about a month).Then Bienes the gypsy groover, Jakke the organic bakery dude and Minte the jah-mighty percussionist joined the ship.. Playing in various settings, sometimes with guest jammers such as Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, the man that made the Memotron possible...
We have jammed at various events and parties (for Orange Factory, KRAAK, YellowStock,...), supporting great bands (Blue Cheer, Sienna Root, Circle, Hypnos 69, Ten East, My Brother the Wind, ...), under the influence of various psychedelic laserbeams and cosmic vibrations... Improvising and having lots of great fun at it! May the music always be with us on this strange trip called life...


"A colourful mix of good music...fits perfectly to a power nap on the couch, it makes you happy, perk and sometimes you get an twitch in the foot. Psych,Psych,Psych Rock, a handful of exotic instruments, hall,echo, delay and a hell of a drummer!!!
Nice jam band with very intersting minutes of high quality psych rock music.
I can only recommend..."

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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