Tuesday, June 4, 2013

...horned tunes straight from italy...

 Nibiru is formed in august 2012 by the split up of Tronus Abyss (several studio albums and live with
Wolves in the Throne Room in 2010) the band moves towards psychedelic sludge
sonority with an enphasis on vocals only in enochian language,

deciding to record
the songs in direct drive to preserve the spirit and the energy of improvisation
on which the same are based,adding very few overdubs of keyboards and vocals during the mixing.
The band consist of three elements, Siatris:drums and Virus, Ardath:guitar and enochian chants, RI: bass and liturgic organ.

The band is notable for the disturbing videos posted on the web (Invokation I: the Acid Skull,
Celeste:Samsara is broken, Smashanam:the crematorium ground of Kali and Invokation IV: Heru-khentan-maati) visible on youtube,facebook and reverbnation.

The month of February 2013 saw the release of their first cd "Caosgon", containing five tracks that we difined ritual psychedelic sludge.

 get it here

"At first to the cover...a google image unimaginative and distorted...ok? To the music ...The Intro (available for free on bandcamp) is a track with a proud length of  18 minutes, on this song you can build your first impression. The song builds slowly to a smooth structure until it explodes in heavy doom riffing. A really good opener for  the album"Caosgon" of this horned italians...It continues with "Smashanam, The Crematorium Ground Of Kalu"a downtuned high gain chainsaw noise forms into a acid rock part and turns off at about 5 minutes...fortunately! Aster Argos,the third track on this crazy disc of sound constitutes a inharmonious successive ranking of riff structures that sometimes comes nice but the most of the time was exhausting for my ears.
Again a fat start with this downtuned crumbly bass guitar...ends again in a massacre of tones, strangely, it grooves once again!!! "Umbra Venefica" the last song on this album...The first minutes are very interesting but after a time it is simply too unstructured. My Conclusion:
If you like band's like FJODOR, The Cosmic Dead maybe you will understand a little this music...everyone wants he wants."

6 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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