Monday, June 10, 2013

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Palmer Generator is a Band born in Jesi/Ancona (IT) in spring 2010, thanks to the collaboration between Tom Palmer (the guitarist), his brother Michael (at the bass) and Matt (behind the drums. He's the son of Michael). The idea was to produce a stoner/alternative rock sound delineated by aggressive rhythmic and enriched by experimental cue with dreamlike reference, psychedelic and post-rock influences.
Sharing the same experiences of life they decide to join their musical abilities. 

Letting the melody flowing between the wide empty spaces of their neurons, they translate their mind-trips in long music travels, and thanks to a great flexibility in the composition of music, moving inside their sound, they can develop truth different musical landscapes.


"I love this trio of family members who create such a fat wall of sound. The album "(e​)​motionless" begins with a showering sleepy intro, sounds interesting...the full first track comes with a drone riff and forms to a very smooth psychy part with exotic instruments and a lovely atmosphere. In the next seven song's you  can experience lots of good moments...the singing does not convince me...but too bad it is not.
My favourite song's:"Enliven, Jargon and Sleep" let my tympanum vibrate...that makes good mood.
The sound is muffled, but get your free and enjoy!"

7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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