Friday, June 14, 2013

...stoner beef to breakfast...


This classical formation of an typical stoner rock trio comes with a traditional stoner rock attitude...driving rythms with drop C tuned guitars, powerful simple drums with a rousing stomp and text's about ...time to wip with your legs to this sound. Its almost nothing revolutionary but it works good and i had a nice time while listening. A really nice first release and that for no money...grab'em and give them a listen because it's delicious...
because with so much variety they have create a big spectrum of great music and i think a big future in the scene.

get some tracks here for free and order your own beef surprem shirt here

"This steak is "medium rare" and is very pleasant on the can enjoy this earmeal without side you have more place for beef...dusty jummy beef with some fuzz and pepper...enjoy it because its good for you and you will have a great bowel movement on the next morning.

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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