Monday, June 24, 2013

...down on your knees...


Toner Low are a band from Leiden (Holland), having been around for fourteen years now. Starting off as a more or less traditional, yet quite directionless stoner/space/guitar rock-band they gradually evolve into doomy psychedelic droners that emphasize on repetitive riffing and minimalism with an overwhelming massive and heavy sound. This sound is first heard to its fullest on Toner Low"s debut cd, that got released in 2005.

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"I know this band since their beginnings and i'm really a fan of this band...they create a amazing downtuned wall of sound and a energyful moment...the sound of the record is so heavy that you feel the pressure on every tone...and the tones blades long and convincingly. This third album comes with a really big destructive cock and!

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