Friday, May 31, 2013

...double feature from BELGIUM...


Wheel of Smoke is active since 2005, dwelling within Belgian underground rock scène they create a smoking mix of heavy, 70’s tinted rock, blended with a dash of grunge and postrock. The music varies from mesmerizing and melodic to pumping straightforward rock&roll. Wheel of Smoke is a musical journey which allows you to enter realms of cosmic madness.



"Very interesting opener with a nice message...comfortable jam atmosphere, grooveable riffing and innovative rhythm changes and a true raw vocal (reminds me on UGH!)...permanent tension-building song's with great atmospheric parts, very varied and pleasant to hear...5 bucks are ok for this good it because its good for you!!"

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Jamming since 2003, formed by Timo, Tristan and Simon out of the ashes of an obscure metal band (Shadow Gate). They wanted to try something else and began a quest upon finding like-minded musicians..
Joined by Erik who was searching for a band to spill his guitarguts in, and also joined by Koner (who only stayed for about a month).Then Bienes the gypsy groover, Jakke the organic bakery dude and Minte the jah-mighty percussionist joined the ship.. Playing in various settings, sometimes with guest jammers such as Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, the man that made the Memotron possible...
We have jammed at various events and parties (for Orange Factory, KRAAK, YellowStock,...), supporting great bands (Blue Cheer, Sienna Root, Circle, Hypnos 69, Ten East, My Brother the Wind, ...), under the influence of various psychedelic laserbeams and cosmic vibrations... Improvising and having lots of great fun at it! May the music always be with us on this strange trip called life...


"A colourful mix of good music...fits perfectly to a power nap on the couch, it makes you happy, perk and sometimes you get an twitch in the foot. Psych,Psych,Psych Rock, a handful of exotic instruments, hall,echo, delay and a hell of a drummer!!!
Nice jam band with very intersting minutes of high quality psych rock music.
I can only recommend..."

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

...american gentlemen...


Alabama has a reputation for being a few years behind the rest of the country. But, that's just fine with The Gentlemen Bastards. This dashing four piece from Huntsville are convinced that rock is headed in the wrong direction and they aim to set it right. Take a listen to their debut album and you'll hear ten powerful tracks full of old-school riffs and the swing and swagger that is missing from today's rock radio.


The Gentlemen Bastards cover art
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"A classic formation of a rock band with nice high quality hard rock song's and nice ballads on it...
They are a little bit influenced in southern rock and old school hard rock band's.
The album is very varied and bring you a lot of diffrent moods, from slow and romantic song's to ass kicking track's...a nice first album from this dude's...Yippikayey!!!"

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Monday, May 27, 2013

...white sun black sun...

In Zaire is a psychedelic tribal quartet involving the memers of the italian duo
G.I. Joe, Claudio Rocchetti and Stefano Pilia.
Their performance is able to bring the audience into a psychedelic trip. But
their music is not only psychedelic. They mix dub-funk drum rythms, tribal and
african percussions, electrical-indian bassguitar melodies, arabic and
psychedelic voices, and minimal-introspective electronic sounds.
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"A very krautrock influenced music with a lot of interesting experimental rock sound and interesting space parts and awesome constant permanent background not for's for astronauts, dogcatcher and rickshaw drivers...or to chill in your garden and watch your flowers while they grow..."

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Friday, May 24, 2013


Alternative Stoner / Psych

Another Exotic Band, another interesting Story!
Founded in New Zealand, CARSON had a lively past on this island. From 2009 to 2011 the band played a lot around the country, and recorded their 1st EP at “THE DANK” Studios ind West Auckland.
In 2011, vocalist and guitar player Kieran Mortimer-Jones moved to Switzerland and re-formed the band with Jan Kurzmann (Drums) and Elina Willener (Bass).
2012 the band won the “LAKESIDE FESTIVAL BANDCONTEST”, and recorded their 2nd EP , at the “REDHOUSE RECORDS” Studio in Switzerland.

The Music:
The EP  contains 6 Songs. The sound is well mixed and mastered. When it comes to full guitar presence, there is a big wall of sound, that entered my ears.

The Songs:
01 Chlorine Boogie
The Song starts with a big guitar line. And then a beat starts, that grooves along the whole track. It took me in good mood for the rest of the Disc.
02 Come
In this Song i love the distorted bass... Nice increasing at the end.
03 Love Muscle
Great Song Title ;) The track is mid tempo played, with a nice calm part at the second half.
04 Mercenary
That's a psychedelic one. Slow and atmospheric. The longest one on the Disc, and really stoned.
05 Suits You Well
The drum intro took me back to the road.
06 I Guess
A nice last song for the EP. I like the Voice at this track.


So, at the end there is to say, that the CARSON EP 2012 is a well done self released work. The whole EP will be great at your Car CD Player, for short or long distance road trips :)
Try it for your own Stoner Rock Ears!
text by BAM BAM
get your own here

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

...colourful stylistic...


Founded on 9/9/2009, The first recordings were a solo effort that couldn't progress from a Computer chip to a live setting without help from more than 1 or 2 musicians aside from Diego. Long time friend C. Tover AKA "Jvdas" was unwillingly harmonically drafted to join as Sonic Wizard into the tutelage of Sonic Shamanism at Dissension Without Borders Academy.

Dissefacto; is more or less, the vessel with which to attempt to form a path towards the collective unconscious of our Internal psyches. The Etymology of the Name comes from the true meaning of artistic and personal freedom with personal moral honorific boundaries. These Proclivities may be deemed pretentious to some, but we honor our musical lineage and integrate it to the Music.

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Big Thank's to
Diego Cisneros

"Ok let's say something about this band...Dissefactor is difficult to classify, they have basic forms of metal, sludge and doom part's and a lot playful parts with delay and other psych effect's.But to be honest the music is not really for retribution. I lack the force and the accuracy, for example in some song's the delay is not adapted from the tempo and there are also some wrong notes on this record. For a demo CD it's ok but not for sale.
So at the end i can say it's a album with nice idea's and song's but the implementation is just too immature...let's wait for the next upcoming track's and let us see whether an improvement shows."

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Three days of green smoke over berlin...

Three days of green smoke over berlin... 

What a unforgettable weekend in berlin's great location Astra Kulturhaus, with a big high quality line up for all music lovers of heavy, fuzzy, doomy and underground sounds. Three days pure music enjoyment with all facets of high quality stage technique and sound.
The first step was done by the polish dude's from Satellite Beaver, what a fucking start for this year...
It was a real experience to see the godfathers of stoner rock like John Garcia, Andy Seay with Unida it was like a dream for me, sometimes the sound make some problems on the big stage but but even that was mostly resolved quickly.
Tommi Hollapa with Dozer was a blast, after a long time back on stage and fresh like a new band, it was really amazing to see them live again(last time: Vienna 10.05.2007 with Tank 86). And surely not to forget Mario Lalli and his great desert bands Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man.
Sometimes it was to much for the big Stage but most of all songs where a orgy in my ears.
Not to forget the great show of Lowrider, they are back again with big energy and good mood...a very emotional concert for me. The one and only Legend of Funeral Doom Bobby Liebling with Pentagram was a party for my ears and my eyes. Like a puppet, like in a dream and a great man to photograph, bobby is a fucking model, he always looks so unreal to me...respect of this guy, what a great show.
Also the smaller bands have shown their best side, ear rotating shows of 1000 mods with a fat opener on Saturday, Alunah with a great performance and heavy deep doom moments, Belzebong with a giant final concert perfect to chill and enjoy...what a groove!!!,also from Poland Satellite Beaver this Guys rocked the small stage on the first day, great opener for the desert fest,Naam also makes a feelingful show with all the great Hits, Troubled Horse, Blues Pills with a murder performance, what a great line in this band(Ex-Radio Moscow Members)Cough, Lonely Kamel, Free Fall.. And other great band's from all over the world.
A lot of new material of different bands such as Orchid, Naam and Victor Griffins In-Graved. Kadavar...also with new bassist player named Simon(i know him as Driver from the last Kadavar Tour and the band "The Oath")small disputes between singer and bassist were the basic of the distinction...but our landman from Kärnten takes it easy because he have more his great Mammut Bar in Berlin there is also plenty to do.
A cool location with all important and significant people of the scene...Davidew from Vincebus Eruptum present his new Magazine with great  important infos in it(thank's for my exemplar)check out a lot of interviews, reviews and new albums of the whole stoner world....get your own on the following link under the picture. Also Max of Go Down Records was there with the newest stuff of finest Vinyls and CD's, Kozmik Artefact's also with recordings of each quantity.A big merch stand for all the artists and enough beer and food for all the music enthusiasts. 
get your own Mag here
Sometime i thought it was good to have a second clone of myself  the two stages suck intens on my energy and makes it hard to photographs all bands, but enjoy the best photos on the following link, its a package of the finest moments of this great festival. Use it in your blog,mag or just send it your grandma...

Also i want to thank Orchid for their great show and their spooky occult sabbath song's...for me the highlight on this festival, all was perfect, the sound, big stage, the mood, the time and in my hand a full beer...Orchid for president!!! Satellite Beaver for the great Interview and the much fun with Rob, the possibility to go backstage and hang out with my friends of 1000 mods and Kadavar. It was a blast and a unforgettable festival..Next year will probably again a duty schedule!
I want to thank the whole sound of liberation team, Matte, Beth and silva for all the nice things and the organization of  the rockzilla crew Dave and co. for the Rockzilla Stage and for the great sound.
...the Interview with SATELLITE BEAVER will come online in some weeks on youtube...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

...fuzz drifter...

Grunge/Desert Rock

So, let's turn the globe around and have a look to Australia, and the Band DRIFTER. The Guys from the 7th continent describe their music themselves as:

“DRIFTER are a grubby little three piece band, buzzing like vagrant flies around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Dark, cutting and insolent, Dan King (Vocals/Guitar), Scott Fraser (Bass), and Dave Payne (Drums) have eaten the fruit of the 90’s and spat out a sound that will put some fuzz on your muff and make you long for the touch of flannelette. 

DRIFTER’S live shows have been described as loud, on edge, and tight with a loose undertone leaving the audience unsure of what is to come next. This rawness has seen them increase their local following and gain reputation as a must see local act. The lazy-underground transient three, have finally done some time in the studio, and have released their debut EP – HEAD...”
The HEAD EP comes with 5 short, but powerful songs.

01 “I've been bad”
02 “Halo” 
03 “All over town”
strictly hold a classical Stoner Rock and Grunge mood.
04 “Priest” 
there is a little Punk attitude I think :)
The last Track 
05 “So long” 
 made me click the “repeat all” button on my device. 
This song reminds me of QOTSA or Mondo Generator and similarly stuff.

The voice of singer Dan King has a range from deep baritone to powerful screams. The Guitars and the Bass are nicely fuzzed and distorted, the drums are simply but tight. All in all it’s a good match. I  definitely want to hear more of DRIFTER!


At the end, if you are a fan of typical Stoner Rock, this Band might wake your interest!! I really enjoyed it for myself.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

...hammer time!!!!


HAMMERHANDS debuts with an unforgiving epic. Aptly titled as “Glaciers,” HAMMERHANDS explores the coldness of the human condition in a matter-of-fact manner. With long droning parts, mixed with slowed down crushing riffs, amongst eerie death-march beats, the record plays as a requiem mass for the ill-fated. Fearlessly crafted, this Streetsville quartet has created a bewildering companion piece to natural disaster and manmade calamity alike. 
Citing influence from musical acts such as Neurosis, Converge, The Melvins, and Sleep, HAMMERHANDS take the aggressive temperament of their contemporaries and present it in a poetically charged arrangement that is hauntingly engaging. This atmosphere translates well to their live show which is jarring and peculiar—hypnotic and apocalyptic. 
HAMMERHANDS’ intent isn’t easy to pin down, but perhaps that is the power of their essence. Sanctified by soured attitudes, a commanding presence, and a proclivity towards retribution, HAMMERHANDS is the architect of our own devastation.

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"If you like band's like Morkobot,Talbot, Eyehategod, will maybe like the Hammerhands...sometime it's seems like a chaos on music but similar it's hard,raw and evil sound who come's out of their cabinets, the vocal's remember me sometimes on Neurosis, not so deep but hard and rare. The sound of the cd is in the midfield, After a few songs makes the asynchronous and the comic rhythms of the listening pleasure but a little strong. A hard piece of music, somebody some are the teeth like a tough time...other's will love it...make your own mind!"

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

...coyotes of darkness...

I don't know much about this band, they are a trio and makes really good and interesting...they have only two song' i will say more about these tracks:

Iris begins like a old Kyuss song but sadly not in the same quality, the recording is very dull and deep-heavy, it's hard to find structures sheer bass but that what i can hear is good so...a good song.

Like Sleep they have a high gained sound and simple song ideas but with some psych parts,hall,delay and minimalistic vocals it's not kick's ass.

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"At all a nice album with a nice jam atmosphere and up's and down's...only the sound is not the yellow from the egg... but hopefully we get more of the COYOTES in a better sound quality...for even more orgasmns...!"

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

...liquid songs...

Stoner/Psych/Heavy Rock

Liquid Silk, the 70s heavy rock fraction from Berlin deliver real groove rock  peppered with a lot of stoner, blues and psychedelic.
The whole thing is served with a sound that originates from the 70s heavy rock and reached the optimum influenced by the stoner rock band Kyuss.
Liquid Silk transport you to a time when the streets were still dusty, a real desert sound.
Some songs reminds you the "good ol 'rock music" e.g. The Doors,Free & The Who.
Other strong influences are Led Zeppelin, Clutch, Graveyard and Black Sabbath.
To put it simply: Liquid Silk make 70s-retro-stoner-blues-psychedelic rock with desert groove.


"This four young dude's knwo how to rock like their idols from the 70ies, classic hard rock structures with nice licks and solos, some dreamy parts for a smooth time, blues oriented fuzz riffs and stomping toms...for their first stuff a real nice piece of good music. Let's see what these guys can give live on stage and how the progression works!"

Big thank's to Ando

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

...doom bay area...

Iron & Stone
Doom Metal

Iron & Stone is the latest brainchild of Henning Lührig and Stephan Möller, both of them
being active in various metaland
between 1996 to 2008. 
When they
were jamming on some ideas in autumn 2012 it turned out that the concepts grew into
songs too good to just let them dwell on some harddrives and Iron & Stone was founded
as a 2manproject.
The "Maelstrom" demo was recorded between November 2012 and
February 2013 100% DIY. Andreas Brunke of Hildesheims neoprog
outfit Kelewrah
stepped in to help recording the vocals and to do the mastering.

kicks ass here

"For fans of Down, Black Pyramid, Crowbar, Potergeist, Triggerfinger...a powerful duo who rocks like five...finest deep,hard,stomping groove doom metal accompanied with a raw and dirty voice, all fits perfectly. Add to that a good sound...what more could you want?"

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Saturday, May 4, 2013 doom metal mag is out now!!!

We want to let you know that after half a year of hard work the DOOM METAL FRONT #10 Anniversary Issue is in the printing plant and will roll over the world from the 22nd of April. 
That's why we want to thank you and hope for further cooperation - sending in Doom, Sludge, Stoner and related stuff releases for reviews, making interviews possible and let us know about important scene news and tour dates. 
Also the nice "Doom Ruffles", which give us the possibility to spread your great releases to the fans of all that's slow, low and heavy!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

...Big stomp...

Mammoth Mammoth
Heavy Rock/Stoner Rock

Self acclaimed as, ‘The most rock n roll, rock n roll band in the History of History’, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH knows that their tongue-in-cheek posturing will always be eclipsed by the explosive force of their live shows. 
Described by one radio DJ as, ‘… impossible not to admire a band with a sense of humour; that doesn’t take themselves too seriously - yet are hugely serious about the riffage that hits you head on!’

It’s a sound MAMMOTH MAMMOTH call ‘Heavy-murder-fuzz.’ And its effect as. ‘...the type of rock that some times kills unicorns’. 
Despite their taste for abstract descriptions, there is no argument that their dark, heavy and menacing tracks are an indelible signature that underlines their musical preferences. 

All four share a reckless dedication to having the audience witness a band who’s willing to bleed for them. It’s certainly done no harm in establishing a strong reputation with stoner, doom and hard-rock enthusiasts.

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"Mammoth Mammoth is a great energy full australian band on a austrian label (Napalm Records)...they play a really powerful heavy rock with a lot of 70ies influences.
All what you want to hear is on their material...great riffs, cool solo's and good parts to make party. Also great for driving your car and scream the texts loud out of your window and make the old people fear. I can highly recommend the current album on Vinyl...high quality sound, great cover art,good music!!!"

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