Thursday, February 28, 2013

...stormy tunes...

Winding Path

 WINDING PATH is a Stoner Rock / Metal / Psychedelic rock band from Salzburg, Austria. They formed in 2005. According to their web site, they changed their musical style during the years and with different band members. They were said to play a more heavier doom oriented sound in their earlier days but unfortunately no albums exist from this period. Now I am writing about their current demo from 2012, simply called “Demo II”. Too bad I can't compare it to “Demo 1”, which would be interesting. First thing to say is that I liked their sound almost instantly! Which makes reviewing the demo rather pleasing. The two songs “A long trip” and “Brandt Nelson” each last 10 minutes but do not get boring or repeat themselves. They both have a good balance of natural heavyness and playful guitar solos.

“A long trip” features a really nice psychidelic acoustic intro and comprises more melodic passages. It also puts across a more meldic mood. “Brandt Nelson” has a more heavy riffing and is a “classic” stoner rock one. The main attraction of WINDING PATH clearly is their songwriting and guitar/bass play. Drums and the vocalist fit the sound nicely but in my opinion are not the main selling points of the band. Audio quality of the material also could be better, but well, it is a demo after all... Stoner Rock, Progressive/Psychidelic/70ies Rock dudes may like this demo as much as I do.
Guys looking for doom & gloom and a sound with more rough edges, may not find Winding Path as attractive. They are heavy still, but not as much as I would rate their sound as Metal. Looking forward for
Winding Path to finally get a label and the chance for a regular album!

 Text by Erhard F.


listen here

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Monday, February 25, 2013

...lunatic time...


Well... First of all, some known facts. LUNATIC SPIRIT is a 3 headed band from Karlsruhe/Germany. Founded in 2010, the trio started to play Stoner- Doom- Death-Metal sound. On March 22nd 2013, this self titled EP will come out on the label EUCALYPDISC RECORDS

And now this disk turns around in my device... LUNATIC SPIRIT obviously want to show their Death Metal roots with the first track. And, although it´s a face punch in the first moment, the band did a good job to mix the genre skillfully with Stoner- and Doom-Metal Elements.

From the beginning on, i had the feeling, that the voice, which is often used as growling, in the clean moments sometimes sounds like the good old ALICE IN CHAINS and sometimes MONSTER MAGNET. But that´s maybe in my own mind.

My own favorite track on LUNATIC SPIRIT is No. 4 – THE ONLY ONE.
A beautiful mid-tempo played song, which also shows some Guitar Solo parts. It also is the longest track with 9:07 minutes.

The bass on this EP sounds deep and grungy, the guitar and the Drums are smashing good. There are head Bang Parts and even Psychedelic moments. Some kind of old fashioned elements, like a fill in track (No. 6 - NORWICH DOOM) and a Surprise on the last Track, make this piece of Music really be special.

01 Black Spirit 04:37
02 Never Again 05:43
03 Who Knows The Truth 05:02
04 The Only One 09:07
05 Stillborn Arise 05:58
06 Norwich Doom 01:14
07 Bipolarity of Life 05:17
(08 Hidden Track 20:02)
RELEASED 22.03.2013

So, at the End, if you like the Style Mix, it is really a good idea to try this one out, and see if it will enter your own Lunatic Spirit :)

Text by: BAM BAM

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

...a band with no lyrics but big cojones...


Wiht is an experimental 3 piece band from Leeds England, we play anything from Stoner rock to Psychedelic to Doom, and try not to stick to one style of music. we are all old friends, having grown up together in the mean ghettos of Kirkstall, Leeds. We stared jamming in April 2009 and everything fell into place nicely, the first gig was on 29 August 2009 at the local royal park cellars, and went down a treat. thanks for checking out the site, we hope to see you around. Cheers!

"I know this band since the first groovy heart beats...last year me and other two  members of my band "SATIVA ROOT" order a awesome Shirt of WIHT with a great artwork. To me it seems as if every riff would turn into gold....something of a customized ribbon band specifically 
just for me! A pleasure for me to review this band, i'm a big fan of that what they create in their heads...
From start to finish a party for my ears!
A must for all Sludge / Doom / Stoner Rock lovers out it or get it for free!!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

...lizards alarm...

Sweet Home Records
Soulful Doom/Stoner Rock
Germany, Russia 

 I realize it already got reviewed pretty much. Hope my thoughts on their album add at least some value... But obvious things first - “Get the City love you” is mainly about desert rock. If you do not fancy this genre or you are not interested in looking beyond one's own nose you can skip this record. Otherwise give it a try. “Writing a review for IGUANAs

"Get the City love you” sounds like “easy listening” Stoner/Desert Rock at first. Turn it on, let an hour pass, let your mind flow and you will reach the end of the record in just a moment. But at least for me it was hard to pinpoint any highlights or weaknesses on this first run. It was simply too nicy and sleazy. You definitely need to listen to his album more than once to reveal it's depth. 
live @ MARK Salzburg
Oh, and for me it is also pretty obvious that the lead singer sounds a lot like Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. Some of the songs too made me think about Soundgarden, like “Vague as a mirage”. 
Or “Royal Null Drift” -an impressive instrumental track which does not wear out easily. Just like “Fukushima 50”, another instrumental track and highlight of the album. But it is not all about Soundgarden of course.
 “Get the City love you” incorporates much blues influence and some grunge elements too IMHO. 
The only weak spot of the album is “Uber-Idolizer”, a song which really annoys me. It has got an incredibly cheesy voice line and meaningless lyrics too, I just skip it every time... Just for the record - “Get the City love you” is IGUANAs third studio output. 

Text by Erhard F. 

get it here

A band which knows well how they sound and how they want to sound. Furthermore the album is well produced. If you like to have some catchy Desert Rock songs among your Doom/Sludge/Metal-stuff this album is a recommendation. 

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

...back in the desert...


Palm Desert is a four headed stoner rock band from Poland and the big influence of the Palm Desert era can not deny himself. The great sound and the good song's get right mood for a car ride or to bang your head at home alone. Their first full lenght album "Falls of the Wasteland" already was a piece of finest classic stoner rock but now the new release "Rotten Village Sessions" are totally a burner CD with more mud and dirty riffs, a little bit more serious and darker. From beginning till the end a fat party for my ears. Check out and enjoy!!!

get it here

get it here

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Monday, February 18, 2013

...smoke over Khartsyz...


The Curse of Wendigo is a new ukrainian doom/psychedelic band. They have just reseased our debut album after one year of intensive music writing and playing. Their music is not that what you usually imagine when hear words like stoner, doom and etc., but it's our vision of it. They are influenced by north-american mythology, heavy blues and psychedelic movies.

listen and get it here

"Eclectic Tail" tracklist:

Here Comes Clint Eastwood 0:57
A spooky intro at the beginning...nice...
Eclectic Tail 8:09
This song rules from the beginning, creepy bright guitar sounds combines with fat and heavy doom riffs and a dreamy shouting voice, The song remind's me to sometimes  OM so it's  one of my favorite song's on this album.
Gloomy Friend 5:58
A quiet and dreamlike beginning with a kind of ritual style...slow classic doom riffs and solo's follow and form the climax.
Endless Hunger 4:23
Double-speed we go, a song full of groove and sludgy and post-rock parts...really nice.
The Prodigal Son 4:47
Rather a monotonous song but not bad.
Fallen Treasures 8:22
Again a great song for the last minutes on this nice material...a successful dark, elegant and exciting ending.

Big thank's to Igor

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

...strange mix from greece...


Three Way Plane was formed at the end of 2003 in Athens, Greece. February 2004:their first gig took place. Several concerts, with friendly bands, followed in Athens and Thessaloniki. 
They also had the luck to be the opening act for Savage Republic, Senser and Gallon Drunk.
They try to be open-minded and create music spontaneously through jamming and improvisation. 
Therefore they just combine some ideas and write music for their songs.
Since April 2011 they have a second drummer! "Don't ask why. Long story" 



"Good music for free, Three Way Plane have a very varied sound and i think it could be interesting for more than one music scene, so check it out and let groove your brain!!"

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

...Ireland rocks!!!


Harvester is a stoner metal band from Galway in the west of Ireland. 
They recently released a 6 track EP 'The Blind Summit Recordings' for free download on bandcamp.
The band was formed through a mutual love of Black Sabbath and Guinness. 
The Ep was recorded in September 2012 at The Hive Studios a year after the band formed in 2011. 
They draw influence from the greats, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Rory Gallagher, and newer bands like Graveyard, Torche, High On Fire...

get it here
Big thanks to Gavin

"Hard tunes straight from Galway, this guy's have a unbelievable fat sound and a hand for nice riffs, fat doom parts and really interesting songwriting. A real high quality record with murder song's on it. If you like band's like High on Fire, Crowbar, Kvelertak or Baroness you will love HARVESTER because they are fucking awesome and i'm sure it's good for you too!!!"

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...acoustic doom...


The anticipation is nearly over as today, The Sleeping Shaman, streams an exclusive track taken from the up and coming COMA WALL & UNDERSMILE 12” simply entitled ‘Wood & Wire’ which will be released via Shaman Recordings on the 1st April, the track ‘Summer’ is taken from the COMA WALL side and can be streamed below.

Although this is Coma Wall's debut release, they’ve already gained fans after playing sets atDesertfest 2012 and supporting Dylan Carlson (of Earth) on his first ever solo show. This recording sees the band laid bare – no amps, no fuzz boxes, just acoustic guitars, percussion and a banjo that showcases their own brand of Dark Americana and Doom-Folk in the spirit of the MTV Unplugged sessions.

And finally, the artwork has also been revealed today which was lovingly crafted by up and coming illustrator Craig Bryant and you can check it out in all its technicolor glory below.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

...sludge from poland...

BSFD records

All sounds support with slavic language, and the dark silesian stories from the past.
This seven compositions are one noisy unity.
Maybe it’s not pure original music, but it’s true, full of rage sludgy shit.
Welcome! Enjoy the blues!



"A band brimming full of energy, a very aggressive vocal and driving drumwork, a deep and evil riffing resurrects the sound of O.D.R.A... A very successful sludge album, a must have for every genre fan, check it out!!"

Big thanks to Kamil
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

...a psychedelic ear cuter!!!

HOFMANN'S KALEIDOSCOPE: Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters Vol. I

Proudly powered by VINCEBUS ERUPTUM, PERKELE.IT and EXLABHOFMANN'S KALEIDOSCOPE is a journey through the muddy swamps of Italian acid rock. A lysergic funfair set up by a wild bunch of manic bounty hunters, fervent worshippers of the psychedelic cult. A one-way trip aiming at unearthing forgotten gems from the underground of the peninsula, as well as emerging heroes of the most visionary and mind-bending forms of rock.

Coming out as a deluxe edition limited to 200 copies, special artwork by ExLab, HOFMANN'S KALEIDOSCOPE: Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters Vol. I 


01. Clark Nova - Gentlemen Start Your Engines
A nice start with a nice psych rock song, sometimes to much information's for my brain but actually good.

02. Enormous - Fly Low Dragonfly
Enormous sound's a little bit more interesting for me but the end is also without a structure, but not bad.

03. Insider - Dark Age
"Dark Age" is a 13-min space oriental folk track with bongo's nice playful guitar solo's and other cool instruments create a nice atmosphere...reminds me sometimes on Hawkwind, this old Kraut Rock Stuff...nice!!!

04. Motopolkablacksamba - Astroblues
What a sick name? I want to hear the crowd who screams the bandname...i think that would be the music i can't say that this band is very stressful and undefined but some people will like this sound.

05. Trip Hill - Fever
Trip Hiil is a one-man project (Fabrizio Cecchi) including this nice percussion sound with a dark and smooth guitar full of hall. Nice song to chill.

06. Anuseye - Thirst For A Fix
The first song with a stoner foundation, great driving song with nice guitar lick's and a big retro rock touch. defently one of the best song's for me on this sampler.

07. Otehi - Sea Witch
The romans are coming...Otehi create a fat and full sound. The track start's very smooth and  the athmosphere seems very flowery...from all over and over again there are new sounds to. Nice song but normally they blow your head of, eat your brain...One of the best song on this sampler.

08. Epstein Superflu - The War Inside Darktown
The first thought was...Iggy Pop...but the name of this band is "Epstein Superflu", i don't have a problem with's a fucking good rock song with the only exception that the recording sounds a little far away.

09. Perizona Experiment - Santa Canapa
"Santa Canapa" is a epilepsy producing 10 min song where a lot of styles are blended creating a very creepy mixture.

10. My Brand Is Grass - Dolce Ginocchiata
A bright acid surf rock sound...the sun shines on my belly...smooth and groovy...nice song.

11. ZiZ - ZiZ
Hmmm...I'm a little surpised about the running of the structure of this song, is rather nothing for me.
comes easy to me electronically and 80's disco style...

12. No Strange - Pogaridade
The Final Song could be named "Final Song" because here to the end, it fits well..hahaha
...drunken indian's talking with whale's...i don't know.

At all "Hofmann's Kaleidoscope Vol. 1 - Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters" is a nice compilation and a fine way of exploring the Italian psychedelic underground. 

To buy a copy, send a mail to – 8€ + 5€ shipping abroad Italy.

get it here

NAAM "Psychedelic Myths" by Davidew
UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS "Inside The Acid Coven" by Austin Matthews
WITCHCRAFT "The return Of The Wizard" by Stefano Cerati
BLUES PILLS by Klaus Kleinowski
ORCHID "The Flower Of Evil" by Stefano Cerati
BLACK WIDOW "Dark Sound Sacrifice" by Davidew
STONED HANDBOOK ITALY by Davidew & The Perkele Crew
DOOMRAISER "Heavy Drunken Doom" by Davidew
Reviews: Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Bezoar, Carlton Melton, Colour Haze, Diagonal, Electric Moon, Electric Swan, Eternal Tapestry, Farflung/Blackland, Friendship, Funeral Marmorii, Goliath, Heat, Hibagon, House Of Aquarius, Humulus, Kandodo, Linus Pauling Quartet, Lords Of Bastard, Mother Of God, Mr. Peter Hayden, La Piramide Di Sangue, The Shrine, Six Organs Of Admittance, Skanska Mord, Space Lizard, Spiders, Stinking Lizaveta, Tons, Torso, Wight, Wo Fat

Standard Edition: 800 copies
Deluxe Edition: 200 copies (HOFFMAN'S KALEIDOSCOPE exclusive CD) SOLD OUT!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

...great german stoner...


Two damn mighty hornes rammed into a massive mountain - The resulting dust, swelling out of the cracks and lying heavy on the air, gets riddled by the down falling boulders and dissolves in the scorching heat, 'til the bison had taken his new onset to hit a new crack into the wall out of stone.

get it here

"What a album, what a's fucking groovy stuff, stoner rock to dance...a blowjob to go...i have seen them live DESERT FEST BERLIN 2012 and they are a great live band, very varied and experimental but it all blends perfectly.
I like all song's on this album...that's unusual infrequent for me so buy it or go home!"

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Friday, February 8, 2013

...yawning gang special...

United Kingdom
Psych Rock/Desert Rock

 ‘Sons of Alpha Centauri’ are a dark instrumental riff rock band from Swale, UK. Since conception in 2001 SOAC linked their music to all visual, photographic and spiritual elements that tide their inspirations and influences. Sons of Alpha Centauri are an instrumental rock band residing in the Swale area of the UK. Formed on the hottest day of July 2001 by Marlon King (guitars) and Nick Hannon (bass), the project initiated to pioneer alternative riff rock and encapsulate genres from classic rock though to avant-garde experimentation. The duo wrote 25 tracks before contacting Andrew Blake who worked closely with the ban...d to deliver textures, samples and atmospheric ambience. This completed their line up in spring 2004. Tracks were composed as numbers (to correspond to their chronological order) and instrumental from onset. SOAC are a group ofmusicians and contemporary artists who refuse to compromise artistic integrity and their musical themes and concepts have been solely devised and derived from the inspiration and influence of their surroundings on the Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne, Kent.

The project is self-reinforced and sustained working in liaison with multiple artists to contribute ideas, projections and theories.
In 2005 the band worked with Australian artist Seldon Hunt who has completed several pieces of work in theme with the project. Conceptual art and landscape photography have been by composed by individuals within the band. Many pieces are illustrated within the inlay notes of the debut record, accompanying live performance visuals and the official band website. SOAC have surpassed 35 tracks in their current chronology and are recording through 2007 – 2008. The 68 minute twelve-track instrumental rock debut consisting of a selection of live studio recordings is now out on ‘Sound Devastation Records’. Sons of Alpha Centauri are currently recording with members of Karma to Burn for work towards a new collaboration record out in

Get all of their works here

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Psych Rock/Desert Rock

 The band known as YAWNING SONS is the result of a unique collaboration between musicians from different sides of the Atlantic. In July 2008, Californian desert rock veteran Gary Arce (YAWNING MAN / TEN EAST / DARK TOOTH ENCOUNTER etc.) was flown out to the UK to produce an album with the Kent based instrumental riff-rock quartet, SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI. Upon the first day ofworking in the studio,... it was clear that something special was taking place. Within the space of a week Gary and the band would work together to write and record their own collaborative album. The resulting sound is like no other experienced before. The following few months after recording, more additions were made to the recording: vocals from Scott Reeder (KYUSS /
LANEGAN BAND / UNKLE). The results are sublime. From the soaring vocals of Fowler on the opener, “Ghostship - Deadwater”, to the drone-laden vocals of Reeder on “Garden Sessions III”, which is almost like a blend of period ‘Floyd, through to the extended guitar workouts on the Lalli-helmed “Meadows”, right on through to the chiming guitars and metronomic drums on the closer, “Japanese
Garden”, Ceremony To The Sunset will prove to be a revelation to fans of any and every of the artists involved, and will appeal greatly to lovers of Kraut / psych / desert-rock.

Yawning Sons is the hybrid of musicians, bands and concepts from opposite sides of the world. The resulting music blends the dark  harmonic ambient sounds of Sons of Alpha Centauri along with the winding passages, progressive crescendos, jamming and twirling
melodies of Yawning Man. This truly feels like the amalgamation of the two bands personalities and 

get it here



"At all a very varied and creative music for every soulful mood, both band's have a
attention to detail and all everything is well thought. Sons of Alpha Centauri brings a lot great groovy riffs straight from the desert...YAWNING SONS brings more colourful music, atmospheric and smooth tracks on this "7" vinyl...
The SOAC Vinyl are a
incredibly good heavy squeeze in four colour's (red,blue,yellow,green), also the small of YS are a high quality record on finest viny...
worth every cent. So order your own exemplar and be happy because this big family know how to rock...let's see them on the desert fest and maybe we have the time for a little interview..."

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

...fuzzy mexico...

Bar de Monjas
Fuzz/Stoner Rock
Bar de Monas is a Fuzz rock Duo, that seeks to transmit enough energy to the audience, so they can enjoy the sound that comes out from their instruments. The lyrics stays backround while we want to spread to those who are listening that 'music comes first'. The band was formed at late 2010, at Mexico city, with some impulse for making pretty fat sound with only one guitar and drums, also making fuzzy music, which is very hard to find here in this country. Fausto Rivera (guitar and vocals) met Gerardo 'Rufuzz' before making the band, Rufuzz played already in another band project, while Fausto was creating Bar de Monjas, Rufuzz was invited to Bar de Monjas, replacing his first drummer, so this is were all began, forming a serious band project. Music is influenced by many fuzzy sounds, some stoner, desert, prychedelic, garage, space rock bands, etc. Fuzzy guitars with explosive and dirty drums!

The band recorded a live session at metro tacubaya in october 2011, which was useful to start the band promotion. At early 2012 they were reviewed by Sabotage Magazine (national), which preciously produced the live session video from the material promoted. After this the band began to record their first selftitled EP, which was realeased in august (2012). At the same time the band didn't stopped playing in some important gigs, still they working on it, spreading their first studio material. This 2 years this non-cautious musicians have been playing without any limits, time enough for creating good satisfaction, and, why not? waking curiosity on some ears...


get it here


"Bar de Monjas have created their own sound, groovy and totally freaked out songwriting with nice riffing at all. Great drum work and always with a driving groove and a cool structure...Check out their debut album and get fuzzed!!!"

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Monday, February 4, 2013

...sorrowing with them...


Sorrows Path was formed by Takis Drakopoulos (bass) and Kostas Salomidis (guitar) back in November 1993. Both being inspired by bands like Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass and shortly after Angelos Ioannidis (vocals) and Kostas Farmakis (drums) joined them, the band began rehearsing and composing material. 


 Get"The Rough Path of Nihilism" here

"A wonderful produced record of the greek dude's from Sorrows Path" almost inappropriate for the blog because it's more pure metal(vocals, solo's, riffing)  than doom but the rare doom,sludge parts (drums,guitar) are really nice, the choral singing and this permanent halls is definitely not for me...but thumbs up!
Good musicians and good band, a album with a lot incoming melodies."

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Friday, February 1, 2013 giza...

 instrumental apocalyptic sludge/doom metal 

Giza was formed in March of 2012 by Steve Becker, Trent McIntyre, and Richard Burkett with the goal of writing loud and massive instrumental music. In May of 2012 Giza recorded "Future Ruins", 6 songs with Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis) which will be out December 11th, 2012. Giza is currently playing shows in the Pacific Northwest.

click here or satan will get you!!!

"For me is"Future Ruins" like a piece of gold...they have this apocalyptic bad and gloomy atmosphere like WIHT,CALDERA,Sleep,OM or other great band's from this or a other planet. GIZA has all to let you go down on your knee's, a band that do not require a singer...high quality music with a overwhelming fat sound of download the album for free and enjoy this great piece of finest Sludge/Doom...slow music for heavy people!!!"

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