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HOFMANN'S KALEIDOSCOPE: Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters Vol. I

Proudly powered by VINCEBUS ERUPTUM, PERKELE.IT and EXLABHOFMANN'S KALEIDOSCOPE is a journey through the muddy swamps of Italian acid rock. A lysergic funfair set up by a wild bunch of manic bounty hunters, fervent worshippers of the psychedelic cult. A one-way trip aiming at unearthing forgotten gems from the underground of the peninsula, as well as emerging heroes of the most visionary and mind-bending forms of rock.

Coming out as a deluxe edition limited to 200 copies, special artwork by ExLab, HOFMANN'S KALEIDOSCOPE: Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters Vol. I 


01. Clark Nova - Gentlemen Start Your Engines
A nice start with a nice psych rock song, sometimes to much information's for my brain but actually good.

02. Enormous - Fly Low Dragonfly
Enormous sound's a little bit more interesting for me but the end is also without a structure, but not bad.

03. Insider - Dark Age
"Dark Age" is a 13-min space oriental folk track with bongo's nice playful guitar solo's and other cool instruments create a nice atmosphere...reminds me sometimes on Hawkwind, this old Kraut Rock Stuff...nice!!!

04. Motopolkablacksamba - Astroblues
What a sick name? I want to hear the crowd who screams the bandname...i think that would be the music i can't say that this band is very stressful and undefined but some people will like this sound.

05. Trip Hill - Fever
Trip Hiil is a one-man project (Fabrizio Cecchi) including this nice percussion sound with a dark and smooth guitar full of hall. Nice song to chill.

06. Anuseye - Thirst For A Fix
The first song with a stoner foundation, great driving song with nice guitar lick's and a big retro rock touch. defently one of the best song's for me on this sampler.

07. Otehi - Sea Witch
The romans are coming...Otehi create a fat and full sound. The track start's very smooth and  the athmosphere seems very flowery...from all over and over again there are new sounds to. Nice song but normally they blow your head of, eat your brain...One of the best song on this sampler.

08. Epstein Superflu - The War Inside Darktown
The first thought was...Iggy Pop...but the name of this band is "Epstein Superflu", i don't have a problem with's a fucking good rock song with the only exception that the recording sounds a little far away.

09. Perizona Experiment - Santa Canapa
"Santa Canapa" is a epilepsy producing 10 min song where a lot of styles are blended creating a very creepy mixture.

10. My Brand Is Grass - Dolce Ginocchiata
A bright acid surf rock sound...the sun shines on my belly...smooth and groovy...nice song.

11. ZiZ - ZiZ
Hmmm...I'm a little surpised about the running of the structure of this song, is rather nothing for me.
comes easy to me electronically and 80's disco style...

12. No Strange - Pogaridade
The Final Song could be named "Final Song" because here to the end, it fits well..hahaha
...drunken indian's talking with whale's...i don't know.

At all "Hofmann's Kaleidoscope Vol. 1 - Expiation of the Psychedelic Hunters" is a nice compilation and a fine way of exploring the Italian psychedelic underground. 

To buy a copy, send a mail to – 8€ + 5€ shipping abroad Italy.

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NAAM "Psychedelic Myths" by Davidew
UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS "Inside The Acid Coven" by Austin Matthews
WITCHCRAFT "The return Of The Wizard" by Stefano Cerati
BLUES PILLS by Klaus Kleinowski
ORCHID "The Flower Of Evil" by Stefano Cerati
BLACK WIDOW "Dark Sound Sacrifice" by Davidew
STONED HANDBOOK ITALY by Davidew & The Perkele Crew
DOOMRAISER "Heavy Drunken Doom" by Davidew
Reviews: Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Bezoar, Carlton Melton, Colour Haze, Diagonal, Electric Moon, Electric Swan, Eternal Tapestry, Farflung/Blackland, Friendship, Funeral Marmorii, Goliath, Heat, Hibagon, House Of Aquarius, Humulus, Kandodo, Linus Pauling Quartet, Lords Of Bastard, Mother Of God, Mr. Peter Hayden, La Piramide Di Sangue, The Shrine, Six Organs Of Admittance, Skanska Mord, Space Lizard, Spiders, Stinking Lizaveta, Tons, Torso, Wight, Wo Fat

Standard Edition: 800 copies
Deluxe Edition: 200 copies (HOFFMAN'S KALEIDOSCOPE exclusive CD) SOLD OUT!

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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