Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Sweet Home Records
Soulful Doom/Stoner Rock
Germany, Russia 

 I realize it already got reviewed pretty much. Hope my thoughts on their album add at least some value... But obvious things first - “Get the City love you” is mainly about desert rock. If you do not fancy this genre or you are not interested in looking beyond one's own nose you can skip this record. Otherwise give it a try. “Writing a review for IGUANAs

"Get the City love you” sounds like “easy listening” Stoner/Desert Rock at first. Turn it on, let an hour pass, let your mind flow and you will reach the end of the record in just a moment. But at least for me it was hard to pinpoint any highlights or weaknesses on this first run. It was simply too nicy and sleazy. You definitely need to listen to his album more than once to reveal it's depth. 
live @ MARK Salzburg
Oh, and for me it is also pretty obvious that the lead singer sounds a lot like Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. Some of the songs too made me think about Soundgarden, like “Vague as a mirage”. 
Or “Royal Null Drift” -an impressive instrumental track which does not wear out easily. Just like “Fukushima 50”, another instrumental track and highlight of the album. But it is not all about Soundgarden of course.
 “Get the City love you” incorporates much blues influence and some grunge elements too IMHO. 
The only weak spot of the album is “Uber-Idolizer”, a song which really annoys me. It has got an incredibly cheesy voice line and meaningless lyrics too, I just skip it every time... Just for the record - “Get the City love you” is IGUANAs third studio output. 

Text by Erhard F. 

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A band which knows well how they sound and how they want to sound. Furthermore the album is well produced. If you like to have some catchy Desert Rock songs among your Doom/Sludge/Metal-stuff this album is a recommendation. 

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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