Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Winding Path

 WINDING PATH is a Stoner Rock / Metal / Psychedelic rock band from Salzburg, Austria. They formed in 2005. According to their web site, they changed their musical style during the years and with different band members. They were said to play a more heavier doom oriented sound in their earlier days but unfortunately no albums exist from this period. Now I am writing about their current demo from 2012, simply called “Demo II”. Too bad I can't compare it to “Demo 1”, which would be interesting. First thing to say is that I liked their sound almost instantly! Which makes reviewing the demo rather pleasing. The two songs “A long trip” and “Brandt Nelson” each last 10 minutes but do not get boring or repeat themselves. They both have a good balance of natural heavyness and playful guitar solos.

“A long trip” features a really nice psychidelic acoustic intro and comprises more melodic passages. It also puts across a more meldic mood. “Brandt Nelson” has a more heavy riffing and is a “classic” stoner rock one. The main attraction of WINDING PATH clearly is their songwriting and guitar/bass play. Drums and the vocalist fit the sound nicely but in my opinion are not the main selling points of the band. Audio quality of the material also could be better, but well, it is a demo after all... Stoner Rock, Progressive/Psychidelic/70ies Rock dudes may like this demo as much as I do.
Guys looking for doom & gloom and a sound with more rough edges, may not find Winding Path as attractive. They are heavy still, but not as much as I would rate their sound as Metal. Looking forward for
Winding Path to finally get a label and the chance for a regular album!

 Text by Erhard F.


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