Monday, February 25, 2013

...lunatic time...


Well... First of all, some known facts. LUNATIC SPIRIT is a 3 headed band from Karlsruhe/Germany. Founded in 2010, the trio started to play Stoner- Doom- Death-Metal sound. On March 22nd 2013, this self titled EP will come out on the label EUCALYPDISC RECORDS

And now this disk turns around in my device... LUNATIC SPIRIT obviously want to show their Death Metal roots with the first track. And, although it´s a face punch in the first moment, the band did a good job to mix the genre skillfully with Stoner- and Doom-Metal Elements.

From the beginning on, i had the feeling, that the voice, which is often used as growling, in the clean moments sometimes sounds like the good old ALICE IN CHAINS and sometimes MONSTER MAGNET. But that´s maybe in my own mind.

My own favorite track on LUNATIC SPIRIT is No. 4 – THE ONLY ONE.
A beautiful mid-tempo played song, which also shows some Guitar Solo parts. It also is the longest track with 9:07 minutes.

The bass on this EP sounds deep and grungy, the guitar and the Drums are smashing good. There are head Bang Parts and even Psychedelic moments. Some kind of old fashioned elements, like a fill in track (No. 6 - NORWICH DOOM) and a Surprise on the last Track, make this piece of Music really be special.

01 Black Spirit 04:37
02 Never Again 05:43
03 Who Knows The Truth 05:02
04 The Only One 09:07
05 Stillborn Arise 05:58
06 Norwich Doom 01:14
07 Bipolarity of Life 05:17
(08 Hidden Track 20:02)
RELEASED 22.03.2013

So, at the End, if you like the Style Mix, it is really a good idea to try this one out, and see if it will enter your own Lunatic Spirit :)

Text by: BAM BAM

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