Monday, February 18, 2013

...smoke over Khartsyz...


The Curse of Wendigo is a new ukrainian doom/psychedelic band. They have just reseased our debut album after one year of intensive music writing and playing. Their music is not that what you usually imagine when hear words like stoner, doom and etc., but it's our vision of it. They are influenced by north-american mythology, heavy blues and psychedelic movies.

listen and get it here

"Eclectic Tail" tracklist:

Here Comes Clint Eastwood 0:57
A spooky intro at the beginning...nice...
Eclectic Tail 8:09
This song rules from the beginning, creepy bright guitar sounds combines with fat and heavy doom riffs and a dreamy shouting voice, The song remind's me to sometimes  OM so it's  one of my favorite song's on this album.
Gloomy Friend 5:58
A quiet and dreamlike beginning with a kind of ritual style...slow classic doom riffs and solo's follow and form the climax.
Endless Hunger 4:23
Double-speed we go, a song full of groove and sludgy and post-rock parts...really nice.
The Prodigal Son 4:47
Rather a monotonous song but not bad.
Fallen Treasures 8:22
Again a great song for the last minutes on this nice material...a successful dark, elegant and exciting ending.

Big thank's to Igor

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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