Thursday, October 31, 2013 dead friends...


The DEAD END FRIENDS were founded in 2009 as a two man team (Markus - bass/ Daniel – ex-drummer). After some sessions, the line up was finally completed: Markus - bass, Christoph - guitar, Michi- 2nd bass, Daniel - drums. These 4 guys toured for one week in 2011 and released their first EP.
However, after Michael and Daniel left the band, a new drummer, Phil, as well as a new guitar player, Michael the II joined the band, giving all the best for it up to today.
With a fresh and motivated line up, they already toured for two weeks, playing their new album „Black Mental“. ... they are looking forward to kick your asses on the next few upcoming live shows in Austria!



get it here

...also listen to the new album here

"I'm very proud to introduce you this awesome band named "DEAD END FRIENDS" they are from Austria and like to psych out your ears with finest hypnotic grunge sound, great licks and solos, atmospheric driving parts and a lot of other heavy shit...on the knees for this cool dudes, hope to see them on stage on a SHLGYBT show...stay tuned!!!"

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Monday, October 28, 2013

...hide from the witch...

Stoner Metal/Stoner Rock
This Charming Man Records

Initially formed as an instrumental project by guitarist Rene Sitte and drummer Rene Roggmann, after entering the studio in the summer of 2009 the Hamburg duo emerged with a recording of what would later become Mountain Witch’s debut album Scythe & Dead Horse. A sizeable slab of heavy desert rock and extended stoner jams, the ultra limited edition vinyl release that followed soon after sold out instantly, and three years on, this year’s rerelease on the German cassette only label Witches On Fire quickly followed suit.

Since then Mountain Witch has not only recruited a third member in bass player Tobert Knopp, they have returned with a more focused and ambitious sound on their follow up album Cold River. Their first release on This Charming Man Records – the Muenster based label responsible for Die Nerven, The Moth, Messer and more – while that loose and low slung spirit of Scythe… still remains, it’s strengthened by an unmistakable 70s psych rock majesty. With vintage tones and killer riffs reminiscent of early Sabbath, their new direction also takes in the boogie of Blue Cheer, ballsy strut of Deep Purple and the ambition of Pink Floyd. A sound that doesn’t shy away from its hard rock roots and at the same time doesn’t stop long enough to rest on them.

A more structured record than anything they’ve ever laid down before, Cold River’s newest and most noticeable characteristic can be heard in the addition of Rene Roggman’s vocals and darkened lyrics. Lysergic tales spun out over haunting grooves that never stray far from the arcane acid jams that inspired them originally and can be heard here echoing across ‘Ancient Light’ and the curiously titled ‘Shrubbery The Warlock’. There’s also a distinct feeling that while the Mountain Witch of old were content to plug in and rock out, the epic guitar assaults and rhythm and doom sections of ‘Sleepers Chant’ and ‘The Covey’ give this latest incarnation a newfound purpose. One that could give the likes of Dead Meadow, Uncle Acid and former label mates Kadavar a serious run for their money.

Trading in the cosmos for the kingdom with Cold River, Mountain Witch are out for the crown… and it’s only a matter of time before they take the empire.

"A great new album of Mountain Witch is like to get a blowjob with a beer in the hand and relax in a hammock, glorious songs with the necessary fuzz, edged with a driving groove.
We all need this album, because it's good for us and the hammock is not longer not without use..."

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

...dark and spooky rainbows...


Founded by Gabriele Fiori and joined by Dario Iocca and Alberto Croce.
Black Rainbows are one of the most active bands around with hundreds of shows all around the world and 4 official releases out til now!
After 3 Full Length studio album, a split with space kings Farflung and a 7” out

They are now going to release a new Ep with 6 brand new killer songs for 36 minutes of music….seems more than only an EP!! For Heavy Psych Sounds records… Featuring Aweson Artwork cover by Angryblue
They sound like a mix of 70’s like MC5, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and hard psych-stoner from 90’s as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu-manchu, Qotsa e Nebula.

Shared the stage with band as: Airbourne, Nebula, Karma to Burn, Saviours, Jucifer, Farflung, Naam, Ancestors, Entrance Band, Fatso Jetson, Witchcraft, Dead Meadow, Black Mountain, Los Natas, White Hills, Micheal Davis from MC5, Vic du Monte
They have toured Europe several times, toured US and Russia and invited to festivals such Duna Jam and Stoned From The Underground.



 "...proud to present the new album of the mighty and industrious black rainbows from Italy, it's called "Holy Moon" and has a lot of  new influences and lots of surprises
to provide. This album contains a perfect concept and from the first song to the last all fits perfectly for me... It's more stoner rock and psych rock than the last releases and comes with a occult touch,
that what I personally feel very sympathetic.

All tracks on this disc are very very capable but my most favourite song's are:
"The Hunter, Black to Comm, Holy Moon and Monster of the Highway"
I'm looking forward to see this guys again on stage with the new material, a must have for every stoner dude or stoner duderina."

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Friday, October 25, 2013

...time for a interview with "Orchid"...


Interview with Keith Nickel/Bass Player
1.)Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?
Keith: The band was named after the Black Sabbath song. Orchid was Theo's brainchild. He contacted Mark originally they had played in some other bands together in the past. They found me playing in a local bar with a blues band I was sitting in with from time to time for fun. Carter was getting a tattoo at Spider Murphy's, (Theo's shop in San Rafael, California). I believe the artist working on Carter mentioned the band to him when he found out he was a drummer. Once the four of us played it was pretty clear this would be the band. We started recording and playing shows right away.

2.)Orchid released three genius albums...
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together and what will await us for the next release?
Keith: I think mostly we have just evolved as a group. We came together all pretty well established players. It's been about growing as a team. Finding the synergy. Making the whole greater then the individual parts. It's so easy to get lost to your own ego with music. It's been a blessing to be with a group where everyone understands how to let go and find something special that none of us expected exactly. I think the future of our sound has a long way to develop and grow and I'm excited to see the transformations we hopefully will make as that happens. Right now the writing process has been a little more loose and we've been experimenting with more variations before locking in ideas. I think we will stay pretty consistent with our style but maybe a little more dangerous. ;)

3.)What't can you tell me about your last album "Mouths of Madness"?
Keith: Well, I can tell you it was a labor of love for sure. 
We put a lot of ourselves into that record. It was a long drawn out process of self reflection and discovery. Much blood, sweat and tears.

4.)What's your favourite album of Orchid and explain why?
Keith: That's a really hard question. It's like asking a parent who their favorite child is. 
In someways Capricorn will certainly always hold a special place since it was our first full length album together. 
The memories of recording and touring for that album will not be long forgotten. 

5.)Which song of yours do you like playing live the most?
Keith: One of my favorite songs to play live we rarely do. Down Into The Earth. 
There is something about the way we groove together in that one that really kicks for me.
 The dynamic and the swing are just right. It's not the most open jamming song, but it feels really great.

6.)What do you think of the European audience? Is there a difference to e.g. the American one?
Keith: So far the European audience seems way more excepting of us.
 I guess the scene in the US is growing but Europeans seem to never have lost it.
 We see young and old and everything in between at our shows and it's really great. 
Even grand parents bringing grand children to the show! I've never experienced that cross over before with a band. 
Hopefully we will get a chance to tour in US and get a better feel for the audience but in San Francisco it's pretty tough to get a crowd out for what we do.

7.)Tell us three things that you should not be missing on tour.
Keith: 1. Shower 2. Food. 3. Sleep

8.)What inspires you while songwriting? 
What would you say is the hardest part about it? How do you and the band write songs?
Keith: Inspiration for a song can really come from just about anywhere. It's about capturing a moment, 
or a feeling, telling a story, commenting on life, love, loss, beauty, hope, fear, desire, disillusion, conspiracy, 
death, growthÉ The hardest part of song writing to me is finishing. Committing to being done with it. 
As artists we are always striving to make it better. This can make for difficulty in completing ideas. 
With Orchid the song writing process has been evolving over time. 
But for the most part Theo takes the lead and the rest of us do our best to provide inspiring riffs, 
and jams for him to draw from. We pretty much do all final arrangements together trying every possibility the four of us can think of.
 It's tedious at times but the pay off seems worth it most of the time. Occasionally a gem like Eastern Woman just sort of appears.

9.)How long do you play the bass and what kind of equipment do you use? What sound makes you horny?
Keith: I've been playing music since I was about 7 years old. I started with the recorder and violin in 4th grade. 
Moved to the bass at 10 years. I also like to play other acoustic stringed instruments such as the mandolin, banjo, ukulele. 
Music with great feeling makes me horny! It can be classical or jazz, blues or rock as long as there is a sense of connection and feeling. 
The sounds can be clean or dirty or heavy, or sweet, but what's done with them to communicate a sense of passion. 
I use a 1970's SVT Ampeg  with 8x10" speakers live for the most part. In the studio it's always an experiment for each song. 
One of my favorite sounds for bass in the studio is through a black face Fender Champ amp. 

10.)Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?
Keith: Of course. We would still be playing in our local bar in front of 20 friends if it weren't for the internet. 
It was over MySpace that we signed our first deal with Church Within Records.
11.)Which bands/records/songs do you like the most in the current stoner/sludge/doom scene?
Keith: I'm like the late great Duke Ellington when it comes to music classification. It's all music man.
 I'm not sure I follow any particular scene. But a few current bands that have been in my playlist a lot lately are Graveyard, 
Witchcraft, The  Blues Pills, Troubled Horse (Wait those are all Swedish bands! hahahaha).

12.)If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?
Keith: hmmmm green women with six tits!? I don't know Maybe the surfing diplomat to earth.
 I'd travel around earth to all the great surf destinations, surf, take pictures and write reports for the aliens!
13.)What moment or concert do you think was the highlight of your rock career until now?
Keith: Man, there have been so many now with Orchid. But, although it wasn't the best night for us as far as audience,
 for me playing with Thin Lizzy was pretty special. I was torn at first about doing the gig. It seemed silly to fly all the Way to Germany for one show to me.
And the though of Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynott was hard for me to swallow. But man, they were so amazing! One of the bet concerts I've seen, and I've seen a lot of great ones. The whole band was great but Brian Downey and Scott Gorham were just mind blowing. 
Another couple stand out shows were Roadburn and Rock Hard festivals. Just amazing audiences and great production.
14.)What would you advise young bands out there? Any tips for making good retro hard rock music?

Keith: Just play from your heart and feel it! You have to connect to the music. Be yourself. Never give up your dreams. 

Big thanks for your time Keith and the nice interview...see you on the road!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

...dark tunes...


HIPOXIA was born in Madrid in 2009 when JK, E, and K pooling his music interests and started to play and drink beer together.

In summer 2010 Hipoxia published their first reference: "Doomrehearsal". As the name suggests, it is a 40 minutes rehearsal with three songs full of hateful and filthy doom/sludge/drone with black metal and punk influences. That year, the band began to play live. The debut live was in 2010 december with Dispain. Since that moment, Hipoxia has shared the stage with bands like Monkeypriest, Reznik, Ali Agca, Iron Batasuna or ROLF.

In 2011, the band recorded a new 40 minutes record, but after many misunderstandings with the producer and a change in the band line-up (O. S. entered as the new bassist in october 2011), Hipoxia decided to record again the recording, the three old songs from "Doomrehearsal" and a new track, this time recorded and mixed at Mantis Studio by F. Trych and V. Brown and produced by F. Trych, V. Brown and Hipoxia.

In 2012 21th september Hipoxia published that re-recording, called as the band, in cd format and limited to 500 copies, through three labels: Le Crepuscule du soir, Strange Records and Féretro Records. More than 50 minutes of nihilistic and misanthropic doom. Hatred made noise. Hipoxia.



" Hipoxia from spain makes a very spooky music and i love it. Long song's, dark atmosphere and a angry vocal work. Get your doom out of your ass and listen to Hipoxia...and don't forget to take your anti depressiva pills befor listen to it...doom on!!!"

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 redemption...


The band was started in 2011by the Dobry brothers, both taking guitar duties. At the end of the year joined the band Pan Falon, who also plays drums for Belzebong. 
The trio released their demo in 2012, still without bassist. At the end of the year finally joined the band as bassist Jose, spanish musician who also played before in bands like Looking For An Answer and Antigama. In April 2013 this formation (Piotr, Bartek, Falon and Jose) started recording material for their first album and performed live first time supporting americans Elder in Warsaw. 
Their album was released in July 2013 and now you can get it on bandcamp for some bucks, or make decison to get a shirt and a physical copy of the album...because it's good for you.


 "Finest Stoner Metal from Poland, from the first second of the album till the last tone it kicks ass and let groove your brain. Berenjena Pipe reminds me in a kind of style like GRANDLOOM
only here is a singer available and do a good job...but there more than simple stoner rock songs on this disc..." Don't trust your elephant" is a smooth and colourful song with a fist full of post-rock elements. "Kraken" comes with a fat and dirty sludge and the last song's are very varied and full of psychedelic parts and some cool ballads. At all a piece of green gold hahaha!!!"

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Sunday, October 13, 2013



STONECIRCUS put rock music of the hard kind on a higher level. Far away from comparisons and
unnecessary currying favour they offer independence and uniqueness.
On their 2012 EP "Step Right Up" STONECIRCUS unite classical rock of the seventies, hardrock,
crossover and metal and reduce them to the smallest common denominator: powerful and
diaphoretic rock.
They themselves not really aware of their uniqueness, and this is why they are able to perfect what
other people only attempted to do.
Their music fills a gap that does not need an image. It is pure genuineness - unpretentious and thus
hitting directly into the pit of your stomach - STONE CIRCUS are always raw and pure musical power.
No Image. Just Balls.



"Step Right Up"...a colourful album, with a lot of great hooks,licks and solos.
Songs like "Spacegrass Cowboy, Lucky Castaway or Cosmic Frog" are really nice tracks. Looking forward to see them growing and transforming their own sound, sometimes its hard because there are to many genre changes in a song...but first point of view is great thumb up!!!"

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

...instrumental spaghetti western...

Instrumental Stoner/Space Rock

Korsakov%vol. were born as an idea,during the summer 2004,by a solo project of the guitarist Mundula Davide.This project after being through many changes of line up due to a particular sound,became real at the down of 2006 when the bassist Pierpaolo Dore(good old friend of the guitarist) and the drummer Marco Secci Joined in. The trio recorded the first demo "palmo muto" in july 2006. Shortly after the keyboard player Porcu Graziano (another good old friend) were going to be part of the plan.
The 4 although coming from different music style sometimes diametrically opposite, try to mix their own experience gained over the years in order to shake up the stagnant music scene( with physiological modesty)...

So that's the band who shown up at the " sottosuoni " contest in 2006 that was held in a venue called "transilvania". That's basically considered as a debut , even though the very first gig were performed in a place that we called "ORTO" for a private party ( who knows this place can easily figure it out what we are talking about )....
When the drummer left the band due to musical differences about a huge abuse of booze on the stage and relative disaster, but with 3 performance behind , the band went on just for few months before split up when Davide was gone to London looking for a strike of luck!!


"A very colourful sound what this guys create in their rehearsal room, there a lot of effects, synths and heavy riffs to hear and only the first three song's kicks ass, if you like band's like Oresund Space Collective, Monkey 3 or Electric Moon you will love this great sound of the italian guys, do!!
Grasshopper is my favourite song...Thumb up!"

big thanks to DAVIDE

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Monday, October 7, 2013

...time to prey!!!


Signs Preyer was born in Orvieto in 2006 from an idea of Eric Dust and Ghode Wielandt respectively guitar and vocals of the band: in the project are placed immediately Viktor Kaj on bass and James Mapo on drums. In 2008, entering for the first time in the studio recording "Bonsai Studio Produzioni" for a complete rearrangement of the music business. 

The band's sound takes on entirely new characteristics by inserting several crossover elements from past experiences and stoner of all components. With the new songs the band began a highly successful live shows: Twice in the opening act of Pino Scotto "Give Fire Tour" and "Buena Suerte", twice the opening act of the Fuzz Fuzz Machine, Killing Touch by Michele Luppi, Slow, Trick or Treat and many more.
 In 2011 they return to the Bonsai Records studio where they have worked on their full length. The band's live performances never stops adding to the list of events open a date to, Helmet, Lafaro, Paul Di Anno, the historic first singer of Iron Maiden, and the great CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, historical bands hardcore / thrash metal


"SIGNS PREYER do a modern interesting sound with a lot of flavor mixes from different kind of music like trash,grunge,southern rock and a little bit stoner attitude...sometimes they remember me on bands  like Clawfinger, Down or Black Label Society but that's only what i think...give them your ears and play it loud."
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

...croatian lovestory...



The Muscle Tribe stands for the youngest bastard child of Zagreb music scene, finally unleashed into the public.
The Muscle Tribe stands for four men currently playing in She Loves Pablo, Deafness By Noise, Mašinko, Declaration, Gardens Of Hiroshima... Among other bands.
The Muscle Tribe stands for a simple idea bred mid-summer of 2010.
The Muscle Tribe stands for not being ashamed of the music you like being too "something" to be good.
The Muscle Tribe stands for playing the music we love with as much power we can give, no holds barred.
The Muscle Tribe stands for rocking out so hard you'd want to go to church the next day, for something that bad-ass must surely be a sin.
The Muscle Tribe stands for the fact that keeping it simple is not doing it wrong.
The Muscle Tribe stands up for the whole night, regardless of what we have already put in, and yes, we'd like some more, thank you.
The Muscle Tribe stands tall, and will continue to do so. And we believe that's a good thing.


"A powerful and fast forward pushing album...have a good drive"
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She Loves Pablo is a four-piece stoner/groove rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Started in late 2005. as a stoner-rock duo (Domagoj – guitars/vocals, Leo – drums), the band immediately recorded its first demo, entitled simply «She Loves Pablo». They played their first dozen shows in and around their hometown, sneaking into the Croatian stoner scene which was rapidly growing at the time, and is now kicking ass with amazing bands such as Ruiz, Cojones, Stonebride, Umor, Toro, and «Sonic Doom Records», an indie label making it all easier. In 2006 the band recorded their second CD, an EP entitled «Country Home», where they experimented with a different, more radio-friendly sound. The following year was a year of change. Hrvoje (bass) joined in, adding that low-frequency ass-kicking which was missing. This gave the band room to experiment and to step away from the stoner-rock stereotypes, combining blues influences with a massive, psychedelic groove. 

The band’s debut album, Mother Of All was recorded and self-released in 2009. It contains 10 tracks from almost every era of the band, and beautifully sums up the work of She Loves Pablo. 
In the summer of 2010 the band once again took in a new member. Jimi joined, filling in all the holes and making Pablo’s wall of sound even bigger.
In the early 2011 a new single „Gamblin’“ was recorded, and Pablo’s first official video was born.


"So much groove and great riff work in on album...respect!!"
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