Thursday, October 31, 2013 dead friends...


The DEAD END FRIENDS were founded in 2009 as a two man team (Markus - bass/ Daniel – ex-drummer). After some sessions, the line up was finally completed: Markus - bass, Christoph - guitar, Michi- 2nd bass, Daniel - drums. These 4 guys toured for one week in 2011 and released their first EP.
However, after Michael and Daniel left the band, a new drummer, Phil, as well as a new guitar player, Michael the II joined the band, giving all the best for it up to today.
With a fresh and motivated line up, they already toured for two weeks, playing their new album „Black Mental“. ... they are looking forward to kick your asses on the next few upcoming live shows in Austria!



get it here

...also listen to the new album here

"I'm very proud to introduce you this awesome band named "DEAD END FRIENDS" they are from Austria and like to psych out your ears with finest hypnotic grunge sound, great licks and solos, atmospheric driving parts and a lot of other heavy shit...on the knees for this cool dudes, hope to see them on stage on a SHLGYBT show...stay tuned!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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