Thursday, October 24, 2013

...dark tunes...


HIPOXIA was born in Madrid in 2009 when JK, E, and K pooling his music interests and started to play and drink beer together.

In summer 2010 Hipoxia published their first reference: "Doomrehearsal". As the name suggests, it is a 40 minutes rehearsal with three songs full of hateful and filthy doom/sludge/drone with black metal and punk influences. That year, the band began to play live. The debut live was in 2010 december with Dispain. Since that moment, Hipoxia has shared the stage with bands like Monkeypriest, Reznik, Ali Agca, Iron Batasuna or ROLF.

In 2011, the band recorded a new 40 minutes record, but after many misunderstandings with the producer and a change in the band line-up (O. S. entered as the new bassist in october 2011), Hipoxia decided to record again the recording, the three old songs from "Doomrehearsal" and a new track, this time recorded and mixed at Mantis Studio by F. Trych and V. Brown and produced by F. Trych, V. Brown and Hipoxia.

In 2012 21th september Hipoxia published that re-recording, called as the band, in cd format and limited to 500 copies, through three labels: Le Crepuscule du soir, Strange Records and Féretro Records. More than 50 minutes of nihilistic and misanthropic doom. Hatred made noise. Hipoxia.



" Hipoxia from spain makes a very spooky music and i love it. Long song's, dark atmosphere and a angry vocal work. Get your doom out of your ass and listen to Hipoxia...and don't forget to take your anti depressiva pills befor listen to it...doom on!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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