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The band was started in 2011by the Dobry brothers, both taking guitar duties. At the end of the year joined the band Pan Falon, who also plays drums for Belzebong. 
The trio released their demo in 2012, still without bassist. At the end of the year finally joined the band as bassist Jose, spanish musician who also played before in bands like Looking For An Answer and Antigama. In April 2013 this formation (Piotr, Bartek, Falon and Jose) started recording material for their first album and performed live first time supporting americans Elder in Warsaw. 
Their album was released in July 2013 and now you can get it on bandcamp for some bucks, or make decison to get a shirt and a physical copy of the album...because it's good for you.


 "Finest Stoner Metal from Poland, from the first second of the album till the last tone it kicks ass and let groove your brain. Berenjena Pipe reminds me in a kind of style like GRANDLOOM
only here is a singer available and do a good job...but there more than simple stoner rock songs on this disc..." Don't trust your elephant" is a smooth and colourful song with a fist full of post-rock elements. "Kraken" comes with a fat and dirty sludge and the last song's are very varied and full of psychedelic parts and some cool ballads. At all a piece of green gold hahaha!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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