Wednesday, April 10, 2013 avantgarde release...

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Immagine in linea 1
Black Metal

Avantgarde Music is proud to present the debut album by Polish Black Metal 
Experimentalists THAW. Unlike many other similar obscure projects, 
THAW are not just another home-made, computer-based output: they are 
real, harsh and arcane... and they have a violent hobby: they just love to 
reduce amps to ashes! In their home country THAW have already shared the 
stage with top notch acts like Altar of Plagues, Monarch, Jucifer, Blindead, 
Behemoth, Jarboe, Neurosis, Sleep, Killing Joke and Amenra. Now they are 
finally ready to unleash their sick and convoluted sounds onto the world.

listen here

Immagine in linea 2


Black /Doom Metal

'The Strange Inconvenience'

Formed by Sorghal of NehĂ«mah, this is the French combo’s third album and 
their second on Avantgarde Music. Progressing from a raw black metal 
infuenced by Darkthrone, towards a sort of psychedelic black doom metal 
drenched in haunting atmospheres, NAHAR will lead you through the 
gloomiest soundscapes and tortured states of mind with their brand of 
depressive yet intense black metal.

listen here

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