Tuesday, April 23, 2013

...LOWBAU from Austria...


Lowbau was formed in 2006 in vienna . The response to their first release, a full-length demo, titled „The EP“ (2009), was very positive and established their name in the Austrian rock/metal scene  In 2012, the band has recorded „A Darker Shade of Blues“....the first full alum and "A Darker Shade of Blues" will rock your socks of.


"A great album with a really good sound quality and a big spectrum on nice and moving song's in the kind of Stoner Rock/Stoner Metal and great Bay Area Trash Metal...LOWBAU rules the stage and also my cabinets at home, my living room is vibrating and my glass of water is shaking like in the movie"Jurassic Park" the sequence in the car. Goddamn...it's time to see this guys live.
Song's like: Order of the Bull, The Maestro, Alcoholic or Coming Down on Wisdom will slave your ears and bukkake them!!"
8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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