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Helsinki - Finland
Stoner/Pagan/Heavy Progressive Rock

Stoner Rock meets the Witch of Plague

Fasten your Seat Belts and take a trip to Helsinki – Finland. 
First of all here are some background Information’s about the Band, taken from their own Biography:
“Lovijatar was born in the shores of lake Saimaa in east of Finland. She is a witch of plagues and sickness and the last in line of devil Piru. She was first mentioned in a collection of Finnish folklore book Suomen Kansan Vanhat Runot 1846. The name of Lovijatar was sang by the old people living in the forests of Carelia...”   “...Lyrical inspiration comes from Finnish folklore, old believes and nature...“

It is very impressive to hear a Finish Rock Group singing in their native Language. And although I can't understand a single word, the Pagan Folk Poetry of this beautiful country enters my brain with the forceful voice of Tommi Vaittinen (Vocals) and Jussi Rautio (Background Vocals / Guitar).

On the First Listening session HÄMÄRÄN KULKIJA is like a vocabulary roller coaster. But then the Stoner Rock riffs come out, and the Sound fits together, with the guitar Work of Petrus Rapo, the Bass Sound of Sam Ollikainen and the Drums of Mikko Neuvonen.

About some tracks:
The First Song “LOUHEN LAHJAT” starts with an acapella Chorus and slides into a typical Stoner Riffing. 
“PUUJUMALA”, the second, and also my favorite track on the Disc, comes with an ¾ time signature and a beautiful voice line.
Soft and chilling sounds are on the fourth track  “KUN USVA PEITTÄÄ MINUT SALEIHINSA” and so, all of the 6 tracks have their special note.



Sure, LOVIJATAR is not made for every ear, but if you have favorites in The Folk or Pagan Metal scene, and also like Stoner Rock, you should give your attention to this kind of “exotic” Band.

text by Bam Bam

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