Friday, May 30, 2014



AUSTRALASIA is a childhood spent listening to Ennio Morricone's
soundtracks; a youth on the sharp edge of the underground,
extreme metal scene; a whole life sunk into the Post-rock molten wax
with a strong fascination for the sound of vintage synthesizers.

This is the place where unusual soundscapes come to life:
ethereal guitars mix with blast beat drums and black metal riffing,
giving birth to strange and fast-flowing tunes.

Here subterranean streams alternate with tidal waves,
turning into cinematic pictures that can last just the blink of an eye.
A path distant from the typical instrumental music clichés.

This is "Sin4tr4", our way.


"Get prepared for few relaxing minutes cause AUSTRALASIA does a very smooth and appeasing sound. Every song will take you on a ride to different dimensions. From lovely, melodic clean parts to more atmospheric post-metal or pure fresh blasting parts, the sound is full and does not spend one second in silence. Your ears will have enough to do when you listen to "Vertebra" and their ten totally organic forming songs. Only the digital synth combination is not really my smack, as well as filtering out the feeling of the song in this area, however that's only my opinion. The female voice comes very smooth and fits in the whole world of AUSTRALASIA. A quite good band straight from Italy, check them out!!!"

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

...Tibetian Monks...


"After the first minutes of the intro, i'm sure that "Domadora" will make you happy with some real trippy song structures and interesting worlds of psych tunes. Especially the jams(Domadora Jam, Ziggy Jam) are a true joy for your ears.

The whole album feels like a jam in a timeless room through the ages. On the other hand some song's exhibit a fixed song structure. However, the album definitely has an atmosphere and makes you long for more. 

Tibetan Monk is a varied album and listening to it is like reading a good have to hear beetween the tones to hear the message behind such a kind of sound - absoulutely recommended!"



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Saturday, May 24, 2014

...Beware of the Goblin...


From the smoke-filled rooms of university to beer-stained stages across western Canada and abroad, Chron Goblin have been spreading the stoke wherever they go. Filling bars and venues alike since their 2009 inception, the party-hardened four-piece have amassed a loyal fan base with their addictive on-stage energy as well as two intoxicating rock concoctions: a self-titled EP in 2010 and 2011’s acclaimed full-length One Million From The Top.
Since then, the band has proved their well-earned notoriety with by landing gigs with some of the biggest names in heavy music, including Vista Chino (ex-Kyuss), Orange Goblin, Weedeater, Black Pussy, 3 Inches of Blood, Bison B.C., and The Devin Townsend Project. In the spring of 2013, their talents won them the coveted contest-spot at Desertfest London, making them the first Canadians to grace the stage of the sought-after stoner-rock gold Camden festival.
 This demand stems in no small part from Chron Goblin’s artful, yet accessible blend of influences ranging from riff-rock to rockabilly, Sabbath to Stray Cats. With no style-boundaries to bind them, the group avoids self-imposed stagnancy and embrace evolution.


"Late after other great reviews but also my right to say that this band is awesome, I know this for weeks but I can't find time to write it down here. Now my time has come to do this. This Canadian formation of a heavy Stoner rock band with the real rock attitude has created their own mix of excellentand high quality music. I don't want to repeat the other reviewers so I will keep it short. Chron Goblins debut album kicks ass and have create a place in our music lovers' hearts. Songs like "Control, Live for the Living, Lonely Prey or Give No More" show us the musicians from their best side. A new great band is born, beware."

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Eddie Brnabic & The Cosmic Fellowship

Eddie Brnabic & The Cosmic Fellowship
Stoner Rock/Experimental Psych Rock

The multi instrumentalist Brnabic and The Cosmic Fellowship from L.A. released this new record called „Subtle Realms“ in december 2013.
After the short intro „Voice of the spirits“, some kind of native folk, they come up with „Transcendental wine“. Guitar power directly in your face. Heavy beginning, then a bit more gently psychedelic melodies before getting back into fuzzy guitar stuff. Getting back and forth. Heavy, psych, some funk elements and so on.

„Throne of saturn“. Jazzy beginning interrupted by a cosmic stoner part with great guitar riffin'.
Back to jazz drumming enriched with a floating psychedelic guitar.
„Still...Tripping through time“. A fuzzy jam through timeless galaxies. 6 min of brilliant guitar soli which find their way back into some massive stoner giants. Pretty well structured stuff.
„Pearl“ got this typical summer vibe á la Causa Sui in it. Nice melodies, especially the keys.
It's getting groovy with „Moongroove“. Gregos Majda probably ate some green nuggets for breakfast. 
However great bass line. And also Steven Rubio (drums) as well as Dario Lapoma (keys) should be mentioned in here. About the mind-blowing guitar playing of Eddie Brnabic i already said enough so let's go further to „Waves“. Pure heavyness again. Lean back and smoke some if you haven't already done so!
Back to 70's grooves with „Riff mountain“. Nice title, nice song. In the end it turns to some stoner riffin' which is everything else than average. The sound is fucking perfect. Punchy, fat and powerful.

Last song „Death and resurrection“ starts a bit oriental before getting back into some harmonical psychedelic floatings.
In case you got the 7 bucks left, it's worth to spend it on this record. Click on the bandcamp link  and convince yourself.

Text: Sebastian


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Monday, May 19, 2014



Blues filtered through a 1970s' distortion, with a hint of 1960s' rock. A voice full of blues and smoke. Drums that smash the permafrost. A bass that moves snowdrifts. Guitars that lash stronger than a boreal wind. The strength of the North, with the soul of blues and the energy of rock. Evil Can Evil, the nordic rock's ambassadors.

Evil Can Evil is a Quebec City quartet founded in 2007. The band is made up of: Jee , vocalist and guitarist, ; Math, drummer, Manuel bassist and Seb, rhythm guitar. After spending months at the 46th parallel chiseling its music, Evil Can Evil is now launching its first record, a self-titled work.

Entirely recorded in analog mode by the band, mixed and mastered by Audiobec, Evil Can Evil offers 13 tracks of nordic rock, pure as the Arctic Ocean's water. Through stories of dangerous women, broken heart, identity crises, marks loss, territorial dispossession and courageous snow plows, Evil Can Evil builds a universe breathing a new life into the tired stoner rock genre. Stoner rock is dead, hail nordic rock. If Evil Can Evil doesn't make you want to dance, then you're more frozen than a mammoth prisoner of the Siberian soil.


"EVIL CAN EVIL"is a traditional driving Stoner Rock band who knows how to write grooveful songs. Hot asphalt and endless wide deserts, do you think so? It's more like cold and icey streets, leafless trees and white fields: "Winter Rider" is the name of this album. The canadian power group do their jobs well, however the album contains mostly blues oriented riffs.The whole appearance convinces with sophisticated structures in their material. 12 songs are telling different things about a daily life, also some love songs for the stonergirls and romantic people are included. I wish a lot of fun while listening to this piece of art!"

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Send us back to space rock days...

Psychedelic Prog /Stoner/SPace Rock

Wanna flow through spicy space? Then check this out!

These 6 psych-heads send your mind into outtaspace and beyond by creating some meditative psychedelic high-class stuff...
Space rock at it's finest.
Their newest record called „The fabled voyages of the Sendelicans“ include 6 songs.

With „Standing on the edge“ they warp you into their orbit.
A Heavy guitar riff combined with hypnotic effects and some mid-tempo drumming.
After this one you'll be pretty hyped for some more to come.

„Manhole of the universe“. 11min Masterpiece. Reminds me of a rough version of Samsara Blues Experiment or even a space-rock version of Tia Carrera mixed with some White Hills.
Updiving from endless delay-riffing they get into a groovy, slow kraut jam. Improving their outtaspace character by getting quiter and shortly more effect-accentuated just before setting up a solid psych-fuzz-wall again. Coolness and highness factor at least 9/10.
„ZHYLY BYLY“. Way more electronical and a bit comparable to some slower Ozric Tentacles parts. Get lost in endless space-fogs.
„Screaming and streaming into the starlit nite“. Lee Relfe on sax. Really nice harmonics for some lonely midnight milky way cruising or some sky picknicks.
„Carningli (Hill of angels)“. This one's more into ambient creating atmospheric dreamscapes.
And the last one „Spaceman bubblegum“. Ready to shake your hips? Groovy as hell. Here they come back to their distinctive mix of experimental-, psychedelic- space rock.



Impressive song, impressive sound, outstanding record and fuckin' great band!!!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday morning doom mass...


I couldn`t find any infos from the band on the web but i think it's once again a weed orientated band who makes disturbing music. Do you have a problem with that? then stop reading immediately! You like it hard and dirty? So you will definitely like  Hashbreath. They come with a rad sound and heavy riffs, especially for fans of Weedeater, Eyehategod, Buzzoven or Dopethrone this band will have some very interesting moments for you!!! At first i have to say that i really enjoyed it to review this band with a cassette, it was not easy because i had to buy a cassette deck to listen through it but it was worth. On the one hand, listen to the tape and on the other hand I finally came back to the roots with tapes...I would have never thought of ever owning such a thing again. Back to the Review and now let's start with the song's:
"The Big Chill" is a great opener and fits perfectly to introduce the band.
Blues mood filled riffs with a driving drum and bass line.
The text does nothing to the point because it is sung completely incomprehensible, i also don't speak any Nordic language so I can`t understand the sample files...but that's ok because it's music with expression and energy.
"Hashbreath" will bring you also to a nice mood. It's slow and sagging and it always keeps the groove.
If you had a bad working day it's a good song to cool down your mind and relax yourself.
"Goosebuds" grows slowly up to an instrumental doom hymn, i love this song! Very nice sabbatical riffs with a traditional head shaking tempo.
Sad but true "Black Voodoo Drug Lord" is the last song and refers to the song before.
At 01:35 the vocal storm sounds for the last time and the flogging drums do their best til the song ends.
Thank you for this intensive minutes of good music, the funny samples at the end fit perfectly to an interesting end of the tape. 


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

more black space...


Giving gravitation since MMVIII !

In the fading last winter nights of 2008 JE, SLI, SAQ and CRIP entered a musty and moldy basement for the first time together: The plan was simple: Jamming ... loud and heavy, rediscovering that nearly lost feeling of getting impassioned by a pushing, pulling, droning and moving wall of self-created sound. It worked!In 2010 the self-titled debut-album was released. "Black Space Riders" triggered enthusiastic reviews around the globe and the band played a run of sweaty shows in Europe.In 2012 the band released it´s second album "Light is the new black". It showed even more influences and variety than the debut and brought the band many new followers around the globe.The following shows in 2012/13 featured a new band-member: SEB, who had contributed additional background-vocals to "Light is the new black" was presented as a second lead-vocalist.Now "D:REI" has finally arrived! On the new opus BLACK SPACE RIDERS are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted!
It´s a pleasure and honor to make a review about this masterpiece. I loved all releases, especially the second Album. This one is better or even on the same level and that's really hard to manage, making a record "ban the Fan". In my opinion I have to say that I like their second work "Creature of No Light (Exodus, Pt. 1)" more, because it is more DOOMY but still on the same Level or even HIGHER when we're talking about effects, mixing and mastering.

The first song comes with a smooth intro and some vocal samples for about two minutes and !THEN! fasten up your seatbelts! A great Riff rings the bell and a sound like Hammond organ kicks the whole thing. After that you can hear great doubled guitar fill ins like we know it from Iron Maiden, but not really long till the next riff rocks on. And that's the way we like it! The drums make an awesome tune curtain over it, and the bass is really fat. What i really like. Ouhhh yeah and in this track I love the chorus as well.

Boom Shankar! Time for the second track. Very fat dirty,-down tuned guitars and bass growling away from the first second. Tribe Metal comes into my mind. Very cool percussion's and a huge variety of voices. The refrain sometimes reminds me of good old Sepultura times but in a different way. They combine their good old Style with some power Metal and Tribe percussion stuff and it works Boooombastic!

Now we “Rising from the ashes of our world”. Hard to get up. It starts slow, depp and hard with clean voices till they shout the whole crowd up. Again the doubled Guitars which comes more often in this record and they are stunning!. It is one of the “slower” chill out tracks on the Album, but still like a hammer at the end. A nice Solo rounds it up, I really like the lyrics. Before this baby ends, they start again the engine and then there is one of my favorite parts on the whole album. Be surprised!Now it gets a little bit more psychedelic. Track four sounds like a good old stoner song with some weird vocals and oriental grooves. A simple riff structure that kicks our asses. The almighty Riff combined with some tribe percussion's, well placed and arranged, brings the whole brew to boil.

Now the time has come for some fat Drum and Bass sounds with great clean vocal parts. In “Way To Me” they are leading but still let the genius break through with cool guitar fill ins and solos.

Nr. 6 shakes our brains with some vibrato vibes and the drums builds up a damn good stoner sound framework for the end, after about one minute. This is one of those typical old school stoner rock tracks on this baby in my opinion.

“The GOD survivor” comes along with a flanger and surprise with a genre untypical vocal structure. Sounds a little bit like good old Crossover or something. The whole mixing and mastering with all effects is well done and clearly audible in this Song. From slow chill-out parts to oriental licks, up to aggressive vocal parts is all in there. And again those awesome doubled guitar parts. can´t get enough of 'em.

The next Track let us relax a little bit with nice drums and percussion. Delayed guitars let us fly away to a place where we´re stonerheads can stay. A smooth chill out track with some clean reefer stuff.

Track Nr. 9, “Leave” is one of those oriental “turn on, tune in, drop out” tracks with strange vocals and tempts to let you lead from the sound curtain. After the "Acid part" a almighty riff pushes the “on” button and then it gets harder and has some kind of earworm factor.

Now we come to the longest Track on D:REI: Space Angel (Memitim) with a time range of about 10 minutes. The Space Angel begins smooth and psychedelic with a great phased guitar riff and the right effect. It is for sure the “trip track” of this omament. Echoes from voice samples crawl into our ears to place a earworm. Good guitar melodies gives this track the right spice and fills those ten minutes with lots of good vibrations.

Three tracks left and i already love the Album at first sight. After about 100 scrobbles it gets better and better, like it should be for a good Album. “Major Tom waits” remembers a little bit on this "tito and tarantula" sound or “Rumble”. But for sure completely different and a more doomy.

After some doom the “Letter to a young one” rings the bell before the last track starts. A little bit ska like riffing and funky fresh invite to jump as HIGH as you can before a fat bulldozer destroys everything for a better tomorrow.
Ok last but not least it gets doomy again with “The everlasting circle of infinity”. The Drums and Bass is really nice arranged here and build up a stage for a slow motion doom Track. But before they let us go a power metal like scream starts the engine again and leads in the right end for this masterpiece

Text: Daverino

JE: lead vocals, guitars, melodies, riffs, words
SEB: lead vocals, melodies, words
CRIP: drums, vocals, additional songwriting
SLI: guitars, additional songwriting
SAQ: bass guitar, additional songwriting


10 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The Wisdoom is a heavy psych sludge band based in Rome (Italy) and formed at the end of 2010 by Dario Iocca, Francesco Pucci and after joined by Luigi Costanzo and Daniele Neri. 

In June 2011 the band released their first self-title EP that received enthusiastic feedbacks from the critics and audiences, so much that the song “Katabasis” has been selected to be part of the soundtrack of the movie “Paura” by the italian masters of explotations films Manetti Bros.
They are now going to release for the label Heavy Psych Sounds Records: “Hypothalamus”, their first full length with 4 brand new songs for 45 minutes of pure ecstatic violence through a desperate and lysergic trip over sleep phases. "Hypothalamus" is mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (who worked with Ufomammut, The Secret and his band Lento)
The Wisdoom have also shared the stage with world renowned bands such as Orange Goblin, Eyehategod, Hate, Peter Pan Speedrock, and taking part in festivals like Duna Jam, Stoned Hand Of Doom and Acid Fest.


""THE WISDOOM" is a down tuned pressure surfing band with a traditional italian doom attitude like Ufomammut or Lento. I didn’t expect the good sound quality, however thanks to Lorenzo Stecconis skills it comes fat like a wall. Speaking of their music, it hasn’t really surpised me as it is nothing new in the world of doom, but it definitely has function and is well structured, therefore I like what I hear. 

The spooky and echoing voice comes to the right point and gives you a roomful feeling. The permanent up and downs of the songs are pleasant to listen to, but sometimes it makes it hard to follow the whole song cause of the riff repetitions. If you like riff orianted Doom and Sludge with some space parts you will like "Hypothalamus" too, its full of power and dark energy. After their first bigger shows(Desert Fest Berlin; Stoned Hand of Doom) I'm curious what will happen in the future. Thumb up for this new and fresh band!""

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Friday, May 2, 2014

...sea sludge...


IRON WALRUS ist ein fleischgewordenes Doom/Sludge/Rock- Monster mit NoiseElementen.
Bands wie ST.VITUS, UNSANE, EYEHATEGOD, GOATSNAKE aber auch HELMET oder QUICKSAND standen hier eindeutig Pate.
Brutales Riffing, krachende Basshooks, treibendes Drumming, wütendes Shouting. Das sind IRON WALRUS.
Wer die Burschen live erlebt hat, geht in jedem Fall mit einem diabolischen Grinsen im Gesicht nach Hause!
Erst im Mai 2013 formierte sich die Gruppe aus Mitgliedern von
Die Idee entstand, um den Leuten zu präsentieren, das nicht alles aus Amerika oder Skandinavien kommen muss, was derbe auf die Glocke geht...
Die ersten 2 Demo-Tracks hatten bereits über 1500 Klicks in den ersten 7 Tagen bei REVERBNATION bekommen...
Nach ihrer Debüt-Show mit TORCHE (usa) & BIOHAZARD (usa) im Juli ging es im Oktober 2013 mit Robin Völkert (DEAN DIRG, UNION OF SLEEP, THE NOW DENIAL) schon ins Studio.
Im November folgten Einzelshows mit PENTAGRAM (usa) & UNION OF SLEEP (d).
Nun kommt das Debut-Album: IRON WALRUS - INSIDIOUS BLACK SEA via REDFIELD RECORDS/Alive im April 2014 raus.
Mit MAD TOURBOOKING (NapalmDeath, Crowbar, SickOfItAll etc.) haben wir eine starke Bookingagentur gefunden, die unseren Krach unterstützen wird.
Im Frühjahr stehen Einzelshows mit CROWBAR (usa) und im Sommer das legendäre ROTORMANIA-Festival auf dem Tourplan...
Wir freuen uns auf ein "derbes" 2014...

"Dröhnende Boxen, scheppernde Becken und eine verstörende krächzende stimme kreieren den Sound von "IRON WALLRUS". Der Mix aus stampfenden Doom Riffs, Stoner Metal Parts und guten Solo Melodien machen mächtig Spaß und führen durchs ganze Album.
Diese fünfköpfige aggressive Kombi erinnert mich stark an die band "WHORES" aus Atlanta, die mit ähnlich dicken Sound prallen. Simples Riffing macht auch hier nichts kaputt und lassen die Songstrukturen schön flüssig grooven und sind so sehr eingängig. Sehr grosse Abwechslung gibt es vom Gesang her nicht wirklich zu hören aber selbst das stört nicht wirklich und fügt sich gut ins Gesamte ein. Die verschiedenen Einflüsse gehen von Old School Hardcore bis hinzu Stoner Metal und natürlich Doom/Sludge Dadurch  bekommt die Band das gewisse extra, das auch die Punktezahl sehr erhöht hat.Das ganze Album funktioniert hervorragend, besonders mit erhöhter Lautstärke macht es richtig Spaß! Kann die Band nur wärmstens empfehlen, viel spass damit!"

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints