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Giving gravitation since MMVIII !

In the fading last winter nights of 2008 JE, SLI, SAQ and CRIP entered a musty and moldy basement for the first time together: The plan was simple: Jamming ... loud and heavy, rediscovering that nearly lost feeling of getting impassioned by a pushing, pulling, droning and moving wall of self-created sound. It worked!In 2010 the self-titled debut-album was released. "Black Space Riders" triggered enthusiastic reviews around the globe and the band played a run of sweaty shows in Europe.In 2012 the band released it´s second album "Light is the new black". It showed even more influences and variety than the debut and brought the band many new followers around the globe.The following shows in 2012/13 featured a new band-member: SEB, who had contributed additional background-vocals to "Light is the new black" was presented as a second lead-vocalist.Now "D:REI" has finally arrived! On the new opus BLACK SPACE RIDERS are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted!
It´s a pleasure and honor to make a review about this masterpiece. I loved all releases, especially the second Album. This one is better or even on the same level and that's really hard to manage, making a record "ban the Fan". In my opinion I have to say that I like their second work "Creature of No Light (Exodus, Pt. 1)" more, because it is more DOOMY but still on the same Level or even HIGHER when we're talking about effects, mixing and mastering.

The first song comes with a smooth intro and some vocal samples for about two minutes and !THEN! fasten up your seatbelts! A great Riff rings the bell and a sound like Hammond organ kicks the whole thing. After that you can hear great doubled guitar fill ins like we know it from Iron Maiden, but not really long till the next riff rocks on. And that's the way we like it! The drums make an awesome tune curtain over it, and the bass is really fat. What i really like. Ouhhh yeah and in this track I love the chorus as well.

Boom Shankar! Time for the second track. Very fat dirty,-down tuned guitars and bass growling away from the first second. Tribe Metal comes into my mind. Very cool percussion's and a huge variety of voices. The refrain sometimes reminds me of good old Sepultura times but in a different way. They combine their good old Style with some power Metal and Tribe percussion stuff and it works Boooombastic!

Now we “Rising from the ashes of our world”. Hard to get up. It starts slow, depp and hard with clean voices till they shout the whole crowd up. Again the doubled Guitars which comes more often in this record and they are stunning!. It is one of the “slower” chill out tracks on the Album, but still like a hammer at the end. A nice Solo rounds it up, I really like the lyrics. Before this baby ends, they start again the engine and then there is one of my favorite parts on the whole album. Be surprised!Now it gets a little bit more psychedelic. Track four sounds like a good old stoner song with some weird vocals and oriental grooves. A simple riff structure that kicks our asses. The almighty Riff combined with some tribe percussion's, well placed and arranged, brings the whole brew to boil.

Now the time has come for some fat Drum and Bass sounds with great clean vocal parts. In “Way To Me” they are leading but still let the genius break through with cool guitar fill ins and solos.

Nr. 6 shakes our brains with some vibrato vibes and the drums builds up a damn good stoner sound framework for the end, after about one minute. This is one of those typical old school stoner rock tracks on this baby in my opinion.

“The GOD survivor” comes along with a flanger and surprise with a genre untypical vocal structure. Sounds a little bit like good old Crossover or something. The whole mixing and mastering with all effects is well done and clearly audible in this Song. From slow chill-out parts to oriental licks, up to aggressive vocal parts is all in there. And again those awesome doubled guitar parts. can´t get enough of 'em.

The next Track let us relax a little bit with nice drums and percussion. Delayed guitars let us fly away to a place where we´re stonerheads can stay. A smooth chill out track with some clean reefer stuff.

Track Nr. 9, “Leave” is one of those oriental “turn on, tune in, drop out” tracks with strange vocals and tempts to let you lead from the sound curtain. After the "Acid part" a almighty riff pushes the “on” button and then it gets harder and has some kind of earworm factor.

Now we come to the longest Track on D:REI: Space Angel (Memitim) with a time range of about 10 minutes. The Space Angel begins smooth and psychedelic with a great phased guitar riff and the right effect. It is for sure the “trip track” of this omament. Echoes from voice samples crawl into our ears to place a earworm. Good guitar melodies gives this track the right spice and fills those ten minutes with lots of good vibrations.

Three tracks left and i already love the Album at first sight. After about 100 scrobbles it gets better and better, like it should be for a good Album. “Major Tom waits” remembers a little bit on this "tito and tarantula" sound or “Rumble”. But for sure completely different and a more doomy.

After some doom the “Letter to a young one” rings the bell before the last track starts. A little bit ska like riffing and funky fresh invite to jump as HIGH as you can before a fat bulldozer destroys everything for a better tomorrow.
Ok last but not least it gets doomy again with “The everlasting circle of infinity”. The Drums and Bass is really nice arranged here and build up a stage for a slow motion doom Track. But before they let us go a power metal like scream starts the engine again and leads in the right end for this masterpiece

Text: Daverino

JE: lead vocals, guitars, melodies, riffs, words
SEB: lead vocals, melodies, words
CRIP: drums, vocals, additional songwriting
SLI: guitars, additional songwriting
SAQ: bass guitar, additional songwriting


10 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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