Friday, May 23, 2014

Eddie Brnabic & The Cosmic Fellowship

Eddie Brnabic & The Cosmic Fellowship
Stoner Rock/Experimental Psych Rock

The multi instrumentalist Brnabic and The Cosmic Fellowship from L.A. released this new record called „Subtle Realms“ in december 2013.
After the short intro „Voice of the spirits“, some kind of native folk, they come up with „Transcendental wine“. Guitar power directly in your face. Heavy beginning, then a bit more gently psychedelic melodies before getting back into fuzzy guitar stuff. Getting back and forth. Heavy, psych, some funk elements and so on.

„Throne of saturn“. Jazzy beginning interrupted by a cosmic stoner part with great guitar riffin'.
Back to jazz drumming enriched with a floating psychedelic guitar.
„Still...Tripping through time“. A fuzzy jam through timeless galaxies. 6 min of brilliant guitar soli which find their way back into some massive stoner giants. Pretty well structured stuff.
„Pearl“ got this typical summer vibe รก la Causa Sui in it. Nice melodies, especially the keys.
It's getting groovy with „Moongroove“. Gregos Majda probably ate some green nuggets for breakfast. 
However great bass line. And also Steven Rubio (drums) as well as Dario Lapoma (keys) should be mentioned in here. About the mind-blowing guitar playing of Eddie Brnabic i already said enough so let's go further to „Waves“. Pure heavyness again. Lean back and smoke some if you haven't already done so!
Back to 70's grooves with „Riff mountain“. Nice title, nice song. In the end it turns to some stoner riffin' which is everything else than average. The sound is fucking perfect. Punchy, fat and powerful.

Last song „Death and resurrection“ starts a bit oriental before getting back into some harmonical psychedelic floatings.
In case you got the 7 bucks left, it's worth to spend it on this record. Click on the bandcamp link  and convince yourself.

Text: Sebastian


9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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