Sunday, May 18, 2014

Send us back to space rock days...

Psychedelic Prog /Stoner/SPace Rock

Wanna flow through spicy space? Then check this out!

These 6 psych-heads send your mind into outtaspace and beyond by creating some meditative psychedelic high-class stuff...
Space rock at it's finest.
Their newest record called „The fabled voyages of the Sendelicans“ include 6 songs.

With „Standing on the edge“ they warp you into their orbit.
A Heavy guitar riff combined with hypnotic effects and some mid-tempo drumming.
After this one you'll be pretty hyped for some more to come.

„Manhole of the universe“. 11min Masterpiece. Reminds me of a rough version of Samsara Blues Experiment or even a space-rock version of Tia Carrera mixed with some White Hills.
Updiving from endless delay-riffing they get into a groovy, slow kraut jam. Improving their outtaspace character by getting quiter and shortly more effect-accentuated just before setting up a solid psych-fuzz-wall again. Coolness and highness factor at least 9/10.
„ZHYLY BYLY“. Way more electronical and a bit comparable to some slower Ozric Tentacles parts. Get lost in endless space-fogs.
„Screaming and streaming into the starlit nite“. Lee Relfe on sax. Really nice harmonics for some lonely midnight milky way cruising or some sky picknicks.
„Carningli (Hill of angels)“. This one's more into ambient creating atmospheric dreamscapes.
And the last one „Spaceman bubblegum“. Ready to shake your hips? Groovy as hell. Here they come back to their distinctive mix of experimental-, psychedelic- space rock.



Impressive song, impressive sound, outstanding record and fuckin' great band!!!

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints 

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