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Blues filtered through a 1970s' distortion, with a hint of 1960s' rock. A voice full of blues and smoke. Drums that smash the permafrost. A bass that moves snowdrifts. Guitars that lash stronger than a boreal wind. The strength of the North, with the soul of blues and the energy of rock. Evil Can Evil, the nordic rock's ambassadors.

Evil Can Evil is a Quebec City quartet founded in 2007. The band is made up of: Jee , vocalist and guitarist, ; Math, drummer, Manuel bassist and Seb, rhythm guitar. After spending months at the 46th parallel chiseling its music, Evil Can Evil is now launching its first record, a self-titled work.

Entirely recorded in analog mode by the band, mixed and mastered by Audiobec, Evil Can Evil offers 13 tracks of nordic rock, pure as the Arctic Ocean's water. Through stories of dangerous women, broken heart, identity crises, marks loss, territorial dispossession and courageous snow plows, Evil Can Evil builds a universe breathing a new life into the tired stoner rock genre. Stoner rock is dead, hail nordic rock. If Evil Can Evil doesn't make you want to dance, then you're more frozen than a mammoth prisoner of the Siberian soil.


"EVIL CAN EVIL"is a traditional driving Stoner Rock band who knows how to write grooveful songs. Hot asphalt and endless wide deserts, do you think so? It's more like cold and icey streets, leafless trees and white fields: "Winter Rider" is the name of this album. The canadian power group do their jobs well, however the album contains mostly blues oriented riffs.The whole appearance convinces with sophisticated structures in their material. 12 songs are telling different things about a daily life, also some love songs for the stonergirls and romantic people are included. I wish a lot of fun while listening to this piece of art!"

7 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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