Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday morning doom mass...


I couldn`t find any infos from the band on the web but i think it's once again a weed orientated band who makes disturbing music. Do you have a problem with that? then stop reading immediately! You like it hard and dirty? So you will definitely like  Hashbreath. They come with a rad sound and heavy riffs, especially for fans of Weedeater, Eyehategod, Buzzoven or Dopethrone this band will have some very interesting moments for you!!! At first i have to say that i really enjoyed it to review this band with a cassette, it was not easy because i had to buy a cassette deck to listen through it but it was worth. On the one hand, listen to the tape and on the other hand I finally came back to the roots with tapes...I would have never thought of ever owning such a thing again. Back to the Review and now let's start with the song's:
"The Big Chill" is a great opener and fits perfectly to introduce the band.
Blues mood filled riffs with a driving drum and bass line.
The text does nothing to the point because it is sung completely incomprehensible, i also don't speak any Nordic language so I can`t understand the sample files...but that's ok because it's music with expression and energy.
"Hashbreath" will bring you also to a nice mood. It's slow and sagging and it always keeps the groove.
If you had a bad working day it's a good song to cool down your mind and relax yourself.
"Goosebuds" grows slowly up to an instrumental doom hymn, i love this song! Very nice sabbatical riffs with a traditional head shaking tempo.
Sad but true "Black Voodoo Drug Lord" is the last song and refers to the song before.
At 01:35 the vocal storm sounds for the last time and the flogging drums do their best til the song ends.
Thank you for this intensive minutes of good music, the funny samples at the end fit perfectly to an interesting end of the tape. 


8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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