Sunday, May 29, 2011

...rainy days in New York....

Archon is a Brooklyn based doom / sludge metal band having played in
various forms since 2008. Recently, the band completed it's first fulllength record The Ruins at Dusk.
Archon is the brainchild of Andrew Jude, formerly of NYC sludge/doom
heavyweights Agnosis (who broke up in 2006). Having shared the stage
with doom heavyweights such as NYC legends Unearthly Trance, Negative
Reaction, Relapse Records-signees Cough, and Brooklyn brethren Hull
and Batillus, Archon will bring its unique blend of psychedelics, doom
and unrelenting heavy sludge to the masses with the release of TheRuins at Dusk and it's first tour in 2011.The Ruins at Dusk is the product of 2+ years of hard work & the
collaboration of 7 people. The disc blends the atmospherics of
Electric Wizard and Pink Floyd with the epic heaviness of Buried at
Sea and Neurosis while maintaining a melodic sensibility reminiscent
of doom godfathers St. Vitus and Black Sabbath.
Very dirty sludge with nice atmosfear^^

fell this at bandcamp
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Monday, May 9, 2011

...groove straigt from Croatia/Zagreb....

Stoner Rock

This four headed band know how to kick your asses out of town, modern stoner tunes and awesome combinations of different soundwalls.
Check out there Stuff and begin to shake your heads to the groove!!!
enjoy it here
 9 from 10 Stonerpoints