Friday, May 18, 2012

...fuzzy tunes straight from new york city...

Shock Radar
Stoner Rock
 New York

Shock Radar is the experimental art rock project of NY songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and painter Lee J Diamond. He has worked as a session musician for members of The Verve, Stabbing Westward, Small Black and The Slits. After touring and recording for acts like The Feud, Aerial Love Feed/Rockethouse, and Blood City, he is now giving life to his own material as a singer and composer.

The eccentric artistic styling of Shock Radar’s 'Post-Pop' songs are fresh and unique. Born and raised in NY where he worked at several record stores till attending Boston's Berklee College of Music on scholarship, and further studying art and journalism at New School University, Lee J Diamond has climbed his way to the top of the city's music scene, simply doing what he does best, mixing and playing all styles from around the world

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"Shock Radar collide with a lot nice songs and make a strong impression on this short but really good album"Generator".  
With a lot of  emotions and good danceable sounds they create a own style what most people will be convinced. Songs like "Generator", "Perfect Cubes" and "Recon" let shine this American band...get your own and do something for a button!"

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