Tuesday, May 29, 2012

...time for some sun...

Sun Eater

Sun Eater is a psychedelic stoner trio from Tacoma, WA. Comprised of three college students between the ages of 19 and 20, Sun Eater is bringing a fresh sound to the psych rock genre with an emphasis on heavy riffs, intense guitar solos and quality. Founded in the Fall of 2011 by Ben Block and Kirby Lochner, they soon picked up Daniel Salas on the drums and the band has been the same ever since. With diverse musical backgrounds between the three members, Sun Eater is sure to turn heads with a strong, new sound. Working hard in the basement for the past six months they are finally ready to release their first debut EP, recorded at the band's home in Washington state. Release date: April 9th, 2012.


"This three student's have more energy than chuck norris and matt damon together. The dreamy and extrem cloudy sound of Sun Eater let sink you a kind of weightlessness. You will wake up by the howling guitar solo in every song. The solos are slow and minimalistic but have a lot of energy and submerges with the whole band. It's not only the overproduced perfect sound what the people search...more the art how to put music and that's the magical thing on this three song's...please turn up the volume and get brainfucked!"

Big thanks to Ben Block

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

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  1. carlos medellin matehuala mexicoJune 2, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    Great and your right, injectin great vibe to the movement, well i feel glad. there will be more great young bands for me to listen when i'm older.
    I'm 37 right now.
    It's great all this art man. thanxs