Monday, May 7, 2012

...bloody flowers...

Blooming Latigo
Blooming Látigo started in February 2007 as a quartet with guitar,
drums, voice and electronics. Soon after the group became a trio
with Fran playing guitars, Gonzalo on drums and Javi on vocals. With
this line up they record a self titled EP. A few months later Borja
(Orthodox) joins the band, conforming the actual two drummers set.
In 2010 Fran leaves the band and is replaced by Jose (Mademoiselle)
on bass.
The actual line up that has just recorded "Esfínteres y Faquires", an
8 track record consisting on Javi (vocals), Jose (bass, electronics),
Gonzalo (drums, percussion) and Borja (drums, percussion), to be
released in February 2012 by Féretro Records (Spain) on Cd and by
Trips und Träume (Italy) on Vinyl.
Blooming Látigo has been on stage with bands like, Zu, Damo Suzuki,
L’Enfance Rouge, Viaje a 800, Monkey Priest, Coleóptero, Antigua y
Barbuda and many more.

catch the ape here

"Blooming Laigo create really sick sounds, noise rock with a lot of nice ideas and funny implementation...i don't like all sounds...only a handfull...for me its to hard to hear it a long time but i think some people will like it a what are you waiting for?"
thanks to Pedro!

5 from 10 Stonerpoints

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