Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Surfaced in 2010.
Inspired by mythology, the paranormal and classic sci-fi, I Saw The Deep identifies itself by crafting cryptic, almost cinematic story lines into monolithic pillars of sound.
I Saw The Deep presents itself as a multidimensional experience. Originally intended as a solo project, all the production is done by vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist Darrell Laclé, as well as both the recordings, engineering and cover artwork.
Born and raised on the Caribbean island Aruba -now based in the Netherlands- Darrell tenaciously absorbs the darker side of the ocean and its mysticism in his compositions. This project, while still in its initial phase, has a steady concept which is portrayed through its music and imagery.
I Saw The Deep draws its influences from The Mars Volta, Mastodon, The Tea Party, Tool, Led Zeppelin & NIN. This reflects mostly in the fact that like all these groups before mentioned, I Saw The Deep carves a wayward path towards deeper layers of the psyche .
Now, with the first batch of successful live shows played both locally and overseas, I Saw The Deep has just released its debut album entitled “Astronavigation” -with Laclé himself behind the knobs and instrumentation. In the meanwhile an animation video clip made by visual artist Ken Wolff has been released for the song “Phantom Island”, which will be the first single of the album.
I Saw The Deep manifests itself live either in the form of a power trio -working with a select group of fellow talented musicians from different projects -or alternatively Darrell La Clé endeavors on solo acoustic tours, presenting a heavy yet stripped down atmospheric version of the same compositions.



"Fat riffs and a really good production for a self-made album. "Astronavigation" comes with a big spectrum of music styles...you have a lot of metal parts with progressive wings, deep and swampy doom parts mixed with a bit stoner. The nice ballads from master chief Darrell and the spooky parts  makes the sound complete. "Map Of Piri Re'is, Of Death And Dying, Oneironaut and Astronavigation" are my favourite songs on this mighty album, enjoy it...because its good for you!"

Thanks to Darrell

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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