Thursday, May 17, 2012

...moving puerco pibil...


Pig are a 3 piece from New Mexico & the UK. Our music is heavy percussive stoner rock with psychedelic shadings. Influenced
by late 60's counter culture, Krautrock, doom and psychedelia, Pig make meaningful noise and mind altering vibes. Motorik beats
laden with effects, mantra's and feedback, Pig dig deep transmissions from the dogstar Sirius. Rise is Pig's 3rd full length album.
Pig are hoping to make "The White Album" and "Good Cop Dead Cop" freely available soon.

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"PIG makes a sick sound between spooky electronic beats and loops but also smooth desert rock parts, psych parts and sometimes it sounds like a doom band .A colourful cocktail of sound and everybody can find a song that he likes. I do not like every song on "Rise" but i can say that "Kali Yuga","Eater" or "Meinhof" will kick your asses out of town. Do it!!!"

6 from 10 Stonerpoints

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