Sunday, March 31, 2013

...drunken monkey...


Downtempo / Rock / Southern Rock

Copro Records/Casket Music

The band was formed by Father W. in 2004, under the name of “the Drunk Earth”, a combination of Crust / Punk / Sludge metal. As “the Drunk Earth” a tape Ep, called “Returnable Bottle” was released through Fistbang Records, limited to 300 hand numbered copies. After several lives and due to members’ personal reasons, the band’s action stopped. Thus, in 2009, “Drunk Motherfuckers” were created by Father W. again from the ashes of “the Drunk Earth”, with completely different Line Up and style of music – a combination of Stoner and Sludge. 

An acoustic Ep called “Drunk and Wasted” was recorded and self released in 2009, limited in 666 hand numbered copies, as also a song called “We ain’t give a shit about Sobers” was recorded and included later, in 2010, in Spinalonga’s Records double compilation. With a new line up again, consisted of Father W. (Vocals), Pedro G.E. (Drums), Soulis (Bass), Andrew (Rhythm and Lead Guitars) and Wee (Rhythm Guitars and Lead Guitars), the debut album “…and alcohol for All” was recorded. It is planned to be released by Casket Records in February of 2013.

listen here
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"A nice Southern/Heavy Rock straight from Greece, like their countryman "Planet of Zeus,1000 mods, Nightstalker" they create a sound who let groove your brains. I really enjoy their funny video to their song "3D (Drunk-Day-Drama)".
Their debut album on my home homespeakers did already sound's nice and tehy do a good job, groovy part's, good song structure's and a lot of alternatio. Song's like "Ain't give a shit about sobbers, This Earth was Drunk" will let you feel that you're alive. Check out this drunken monkeys and get your as kicked!"

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

...low sound...


After a short hiatus from music Tomi Mykkänen and Henkka Vahvanen from Battlelore started jamming stuff together. Soon it was decided that they needed to form a band for the jams. Miika Kokkola (founding member and original bass player from Battlelore) was contacted and asked if he wants to jam with the guys. He did. They played and jammed a few times and then it was decided that second guitarist would not hurt. Miika said that he had already talked with Tommi Havo (another original Battlelore member) about the project and that he was very interested. So, enter Tommi and on the first rehearsal together the first real song was made. On the second rehearsal the second song was made and then it was realized that the band had born.
January 2013: Enter Soaring High EP. The band decided to record, mix and master a demo in their rehearsal place to see if it's possible to make an album like that. 7 songs were recorded and after the first mix it was clear that the quality is surprisingly good, so the band decided to release a strictly limited EP of four songs from the sessions. 5th song will be released as a video later. The EP showcases quite well the versatility and the musicianship of the band. It shows their sides from the pure stoner rock frenzy to the more doomier fields.
LOWBURN are currently looking for possible quarters to work with booking, album release and such. We'd be extremely interested to release a 7" from the EP or the extra songs we have ready. We are also getting ready for the album recordings as well.


"Another band from the northern part of this earth and as is almost always good...Lowburn create a punchy sound and have a lot of fuzzy groove parts in their song's.
Very interesting song structures and really much variety make it to the listeners really amazing mood. Finest Stoner Rock in ancient tradition like Dozer, Clutch, El Caco, Atomic Thunderpussy, Fu Manchu...get your own 4 track power album of LOWBURN and come in swinging..i hope i can hear soon more of this nice band!"
Text Stonerhead

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

...lick it...


Tongue is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. The band started as a Bizic Vladimir (Ripkid) solo project in 2010 after the demise of his long-running hardcorepunk band Lets Grow where he used to play the lead guitar. Tongue roots date back to 2003 with the band called Wishingwell that Bizic Vladimir was a part of (vocals) together with his late brother Pavkovic Srdjan (1978 - 2005) on guitar, Stevan Cirovic (Jaibo!, Lets Grow, While) on drums, Sinisa Videkanic on bass (Ex-Lets Grow) and Nemanja Gvozdenovic on lead guitar. Wishingwell didn't make any record or live appearance due to a death of Pavkovic Srdjan in 2005. 

Tongue has major influences from the genres of hardcorepunk, stoner rock, hardrock, classic rock and metal music but is open for experimenting.
The band set a plan to record a trilogy EP series called "A Night You'll Never Remember".

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"Tongue is not only a human-organ...also a  heavy rock band from Serbia...and that's what convinced tied in varied...from highschool band sound to nice chill parts and sometimes a stoner rock riffing part...Not my world but it's a nice music for a happy time..."

Big thank's to Biza
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

...the tombstone's...


Tombstone are a hard-rocking Psych Based Doom/Sludge/Stoner trio from Paris/France. They influenced by great bands  such as Black Sabbath, Dopethrone, Kyuss...

The first strike the "Devil's Ride" Demo was a 4 track bomb of excellent hard hitting riffs and down-tuned vocals...they bring you down on your knees. (check out the earlier review of 2012 here)
And now 2013 their second mighty record is's called "Where the Dead belong" and i must say i'm very surprised about the good development of the band. A warm and organic sound with a high quality playlist. Song's like "Shrine's, No Tomorrow, Dance of the Dead" let boil your blood in the veins and let rotate your moody ears. It's a must have for all High on Fire, Sleep listeners.
Do it because it's good for you!!!

Listen here or own it here

Text: Stonerhead

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Starting in april 2008, the STONERFRONT NIJMEGEN originally found itself in ever changing line-ups. And though many things were uncertain, one thing was not, the aural path which was to be followed. That being STONER, with flagship outfits the likes of Kyuss and Monster Magnet (their old stuff) as guiding lights. After the release of three tracks ('Supercar', 'World of Geeks' and '299.80') plus a performance at the zomerfeesten in Nijmegen (Holland), Peter Dragt (Bambix, Emperors of the Black) and Remco Verweij (Starfish, Barbarella) deceided it was time to put things in gear and unleash the front in the form of an instrumental powertrio. 

In John Munnich they found the bassplayer that they were looking for. The soulfull monolithic riffs, kick ass drumparts and tight bottom-end sprinkeled with tasty samples should be sufficient to take listeners on a testosterone trip. Make no bones about it! Stoner's the word we're looking for. Whilst originality is a thing which is put on the backburner.

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Cow Bell and classic rock'n roll tunes...transforms into a dancing stoner rock song....processing a nice solo's...i like this band since the first moment.

2.)Sector 11
A mighty and overcareful start...has some parallel's like colour haze, rotor style...a glorious song i love it! riffs,riffs,solo's and so much groove!

With this song you can see that you can do with simple ideas, brilliant song's. This guy's are great musician's and know how to make good instrumental music, super asskicking bass work, great guitar technics and nice drum part's...all what brings you to shake!!!

4.)World of Geeks
Funky space rock with up's and down's, very exciting song and fits perfectly with the concept.
I need more of this band....quickly!

"STONER FRONT NIJMEGEN rock's hard and kick's ass, the whole albumseems well balanced and offers a broad spectrum of high quality music. I can only recommend this LP, they impress with their brilliant sound and really fine songwriting, this dutch dude's provides us with rotating ears.
Thank's for great music..."

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 ...also check out...

If you’re looking for drive, groove and great riffs from Nijmegen Rockcity you should definitely check out Emperors. Emperors are a stonerrock group who have been playing music on those terms since 2005.

These guys , made of stone, marble and granite, started off in 2005 playing covers of bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Blind Dog as “Emperors of the Black”. In the year 2010 the creativity itch could no longer be ignored and Emperors started to write and play their own songs.

Now they play their very own kind of Stonerrock; Hard as stone, subtle where possible yet aggressive where it should be. Heavy groovy music with a sharp edge which still reveals influences from Emperors’ musical heroes.

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"The Emperor's also make nice music, a little bit harder and dirtier than Stonerfront Nijmegen but also really nice, i think this two dutch band's have very big cojones...necessarily a listen!!!"

Big thank's to Peter

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

...time for a interview...


Tommi Holappa live at Desert Fest Berlin (Greenleaf Show)

A nice interview with
Tommi Holappa of
I know Dozer since the first album, so I’ve followed the transformation of your sound. I think "In the Tail of a Comet" is the album with the biggest cojones. What do you think about the style changes until today?
- If you listen our first album "In The Tail of a Comet" and compare it to our last album "Beyond Colossal" it's kind of like listening to two different bands.
It's all good stuff but I think it was a natural progression for us. In the first years of Dozer we were really influenced by bands like Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu etc etc so of course thats how we wanted to sound, but with time we kind of found the true identety of Dozer. I think you really can hear how we evolved with each album that we released, our song writing, playing our instruments etc etc got better. So what era do I like the best? Well, I think the early albums have charm and I do like most of the songs but I think the last one is my personal favorite. I'm really happy with how it sounds and the songs writing+Fredriks vocals are killer! But like I said I like all the albums...I’m proud of what we have done.

What was the reason for the long timeout of Dozer? 
-The biggest reason was that Fredrik started studying but then also both Johan and Fredrik became parents.

Dozer 2013
Dozer released three genius albums (Madre Dios,Beyond Colossal, Call it Conspiracy…). Will another follow soon? If yes, what can you tell us about it?
- I don't know if we ever will make another new album but there will be some stuff released in the near future. First of all we have a split 7" vinyl with a swedish band called Nymf coming out at the end of april. This vinyl will have an unreleased song called The Impostor on it. Then after that we will do a digital release with 5-6-7 songs(don't know how many at the moment). All these songs are from the “Through the eyes of heathens”- era of Dozer.

Dozer is not the only band you play in. Do you have other side-projects to Greenleaf, where you also play the guitar? 
-Greenleaf takes up most of my time at the moment. We have just changed singer and are writing new material that we hope to record before the summer.
But I also have a band with Daniel Lidén (previous Dozer drummer) called Dahli. We started this band when Dozer went on a break but now we haven't done anything in a couple of years. But when we both have time we will take it up again! We have some really cool songs written!

What inspires you while songwriting? What would you say is the hardest part about it? How do you and the band write songs?
- Well, usually I write riffs at home and then bring it to rehearsal where we jam together and put all the bits and pieces together and hopefully it turns into a good song!
This is the way we do it with both Dozer and Greenleaf. I don't excatly know where the inspiration comes from but I know it's kind of like an addiction for me to write songs, You know when you have just put the finishing touches to a song(in the studio or in the rehearsal room) and it feels like the song kicks ass and you get a huge stupid grin on your face...That's the best feeling in the world! And I'm addicted to that feeling!


Which song of yours do you like playing live the most?
- This is a hard question! It's different songs for every gig. But I know I'm really tired of playing the song Rising from Call it Conspiracy! I think we have played that song live
on every gig we have done since 2002! It's a good song but it is really boring to play but a lot of people want to hear it so we play it. I don't mind playing because most of the time people go crazy when we play it!

For how long do you play the guitar and what kind of equipment do you use? What sound makes you horny?
- I have played for about 22 years now. Hmmmm...this makes me feel old! Hahaha!
I use Gibson guitars, most of the time I use my two Firebirds but I also have an SG and a Flying V. The Firebird through my Soldano SLO 100 amp and a few different fuzz, delay and wha-wha pedals is what makes me horny! 

What do you think about the music-scene “STONER ROCK”? Are you a true Stonerhead? 
- Depends on what you mean with true Stonerhead! Hahaha! I don't smoke dope but I do listen to the music! For me it's hard to say what bands are Stoner rock in these's everything from 70's rock inspired bands to really heavy doom bands. In the end it's all 
just about heavier music with good riffs and a lot of Groove! And there are a lot of good bands out there!

Which type of music or band do you think is so bad that it should be prohibited?
- I don't think any kind of music or any band should be prohibited. As long as I'm not forced to listen to stuff I don't like I'm happy! The world needs all the shitty bands so all the good bands sound even better! Hahaha! Just think about it...You are at work all day and listen to the radio where they play mostly shit music and when you come home you put on for example the latest Graveyard album...I guarantee you that you will enjoy it even more! Hahaha!

What’s your favorite albums in 2012/13?
Here's a few albums that I enjoyed: 
Graveyard - Lights out
High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
Soundgarden - King Animal
Kongh- Sole Creation
Astra - The Weirding
Mount Carmel - Real Women

What moment or concert do you think was the highlight of your rock career until now? 
I have had many good moments so It's hard to just choose just one concert or something like that. All the tours we have done with Dozer and Greenleaf have been fun!
Some of the highlights have been getting to tour with some awesome bands (Clutch,Mastodon,Lowrider,Brain Police etc etc) and get to see a lot of countries and cites (most of europe at least 15-20 times, U.S.A, Australia). 
I could make this list even longer if I wanted to but let's just say that most of it has been a blast! And it's not over yet! With a few Dozer shows coming up in april(Desertfest) and then I will play as much as possible with Greenleaf!

...Desert Fest Berlin 2012...Bengt Bäcke and Tommi from Greenleaf
Which advice can you give all the young and unknown guitarists out there?
-Stay in School! Hahaha! Just kidding! All I can say is never give up and just keep playing!

Big thanks to Tommi!!!

Fuzz on...yours Stonerhead

Thursday, March 14, 2013

...till the dead


Rise Above Dead was formed back in 2009.
In june 2010, they unleashed without the help of any label their first EP called “Human Disintegration” on 12inches vinyl.

This 4 songs EP was a darkened blend of post hardcore, crust and sludge metal, with heavy guitars and haunting vocals that made this record sound like an electric funeral pyre.

The music was complimented by the visual darkness captured on a superlative artwork done by californian artist Justin Bartlett which already worked with Sunn O))), Trap Them, The Secret,
“Human Disintegration” got a lot of good feedbacks from the press and it was distributed worldwide with the help of the several indipendent labels such as Denovali Records (DE), MusicFearSatan (FR), Halo Of Flies (USA), Shove records (IT). After the release of “Human Disintegration”, Rise Above Dead played lots of shows in support of the record and got the chance to share the stage with several international acts such as Kylesa, Eyehategod, Russian Circles, Voivod Tombs, Darkest hour, Black Breath, Celeste, Envy Napalm Death and more.

In February 2012 the band started the recording of their first full lenght album called “Stellar Filth” together with sound engineer Lorenzo Stecconi, best known for being the man behind the mixer on the latest albums from Lento (Denovali) and Ufomammut (Neurot Records). It was released on june 2012 by Moment Of Collapse Records (DE), Shove Records (IT) , Forever True Records (IT)
“Stellar Filth” consists of 7 new songs from Rise Above Dead where down-tempo sludge meets post/metal and psychedelia, for an amount of 48 minutes of music.


The band is constantly working hard to promote their debut full length album.
The record got many positive reviews from the international press and it has often been compared to the early works of the bands isis, Cult Of Luna and Neurosis.

“Stellar Filth” consists 7 new songs where down-tempo sludge meets post/metal and ambient parts, for an amount of 48 minutes of music.
It’s release on 12’’ black vinyl on a special edition hand numbered produced in coperation with 3 labels (Shove record and Forever true (Ita), Moment of collapse (D)

"A heavy band with high quality music and a great album, the guys of RISE ABOUT DEAD rock your socks check them out and make some noise!!!"

Big thanks to Matt  
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

...time for black ears...


Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Grunge

Homegrown Stoner Metal

It always is a challenge, to release your stuff in your own responsibility, without the helping hand of a label. So, the Italian Band THE BLACKTONES did it! And the results are really worth it!


The Band was founded in 2011 by Sergio Boi (Guitar), who also directed the recordings of the EP, and Gianni Farci (Bass). Joined by Drummer Maurizio Mura and Simone Utzeri (Vocals) the combo was completed. In 2012 this EP was released.
 get it here

1.) The Last Time 04:22
2.) Walking Dead 04:33
3.) The Phoenix 03:31
4.) Ashes 02:55
5.) Our God 03:58

My first thoughts on DISTORTED REALITY, were about the unique voice of the vocalist Simone Utzeri. It wasn't easy for me, to rate it. But then, with the 2nd and 3rd track, the voice began to fuse with the music. It all became a strong Stoner- Unit. A touch of Grunge can not be denied on the complete work. But also there are Dark elements. The lyrics are thoughtful, and want the listener to think about society, and the way, everybody looks like in his own personal mirror of reality.

For me, it is a solid proof of good homegrown Stoner Metal, and the Italian record companies should give their attention to it.

Text by Bam Bam 

Big thanks to Sergio Boi

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

...half animal, half machine...


An(n)imal Machine is a stoner doom trio from Mexico.
It's a extremely dry and hot sound similar Buffalo,Kyuss,Dozer...
The three dude's really know how good "stoner rock" works.
With these three tracks on the free EP they have earned a good rating....The percentage terms it is almost 100% efficient!!


I like the groovy driving beginning of the song, the short fat hard hitting riffs and  also the psych parts in "Condenado" are a really nice opener for the EP.

"A fistful of Dollars"
I like the Western Movie from  Sergio Leone and also the song of ANIMAL's start's like a kind of "Green Machine" and and starts to make powerful thrust!!! But a good song at all...I think
it is pulled a little too far into the length but damn!!!it's ok!

Short title, long song...with a flanger concomitant start...into a grove rich song structure.
A really nice last song, big thank's for this nice 30 minutes of heavy riffing and ass kicking groove!!!


 get it here

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Thursday, March 7, 2013


proudly presents the new products of 

All bands are available to buy here
Stoner Rock/Doom

VERACRASH is a heavy psych rock band from Milan, Italy, which was formed in 2003. Their live acts are known for being absolutely massive and reliable. They indeed shared the stage with international artists such as Brant Bjork, Mondo Generator, Truckfighters, Nebula, Ufomammut and many others. Their debut "11:11" has received enthusiastic reviews across Italy, Europe and US making their fan base growing.

 The second album "My brother the godhead" recorded and produced by Niklas Källgren(Dango) from the mighty swedish band Truckfighters. You can hear somethimes there a parallel to the power trio from sweden  or band's like Dozer, Greenleaf ("We own you, Bitches","Remote Killing") but VERACRASH still they have created their own fat sound. Song's like "Exit Damnation", "Obey the Void", A really good classic northern stoner rock album from the sunny italy, with cool modern influences and high quality sound. 

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Stoner Metal/Doom

Humulus is a beer drinking dirty trio from Bergamo/Italy and they know how to transform mighty sound in groove bristling riffs. Enormous hard hitting drum work, burning spicy amps, crispy fat bass and a hard and rough voice from ben, he is also playing the guitar. My favourite song's are "The Liar Priest","Land of Justice","Banshee" and "Humulus"...the whole album works good and makes a fine and smooth mood...understood? So much oo's hehe!!! Great album, taste it!!!

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Southern/Heavy Rock

Howling is fundamental. The moan, the passion, the unexplainable strength of blues. Not a music, not only a feeling but a vibe that gives a different color to each day. A way to feel musical notes that makes impossible to perceive the difference between who is playing and who is listening. Through the King Howl, blues find a new way. Sounds coming from the first part of XX century, like those from people like Son House, Muddy Water, Howling Wolf, Robert Johnson, are filtered out and take new shape, combining stoner rock, funk, punk and jazz style in a new crossover labored with spontaneity and naturalness, in a direct way. Their set is is a flow of sounds that never stops, which changes at each song, speaking the blues language, with a different accent every time.

The quartet (each musician comes from different bands like Giannies, Antagonista Quintet, Pirina Scream, Super Oil 69, Thee Oops), after their first “King Howl EP” and a year full of gigs around Italy (sometimes supporting bands like Kamikaze Queens, King Salami, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Kina, Uoki Toki, Aucan), is ready to present their first full length, an album with 11 tracks, where King Howl show an original songwriting combining the best blues tradition to very different rhythms and progressions, defined by a heavy moving sound always looking at a stoner rock feeling. A journey between 8new unpublished tracks and 3 old blues songs completely revisited, one of them (Hard Time Killing Floor), with Francesco Piu on guitars. From crossover grooves (Mornin’), to psycho boogie (Wolfman’s calling) through stoner (My Lord) and smokey atmospheres (Nocturne), an album that smells like a live, You must play it Louder.

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more soon...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

...time to relax...

Instrumental Post Rock/Metal,Shoegaze

AUSTRALASIA is a childhood spent listening to Ennio Morricone's
soundtracks; a youth on the sharp edge of the underground, 
extreme metal scene; a whole life sunk into the Post-rock molten wax 
with a strong fascination for the sound of vintage synthesizers.

This is the place where unusual soundscapes come to life: 
ethereal guitars mix with blast beat drums and black metal riffing, 
giving birth to strange and fast-flowing tunes. 
Here subterranean streams alternate with tidal waves, 
turning into cinematic pictures that can last just the blink of an eye.
A path distant from the typical instrumental music clichés.

Get it here

Antenna 02:56
Spine 04:23
Apnea 02:38
Scenario 02:26
Satellite 02:53
Retina 03:06
Fragile 03:55


 If I am not mistaken, the EP starts with the sound of a cassette, which is inserted into a tape recorder. That takes me back to the 80ies and early 90ies, and gives a good symbolical preview about the general feeling that I had, during my hearing sessions.
The well placed walls of synthesizers, the delayed guitars and the precise drumming... All this reminds me of bands like GY!BE or JOY DIVISION.
And then there is this influence of Post-Metal. The hard guitar riffs and fast drums, mixed with nearly psychedelic parts.

Unfortunately the songs are very short. The longest Track (No.2 – SPINE) comes with 04:23. So the songs let you fly, but the landing is coming to quickly, I felt.
What ever, Sin4tr4 is a nice, atmospheric and experimental piece of music. It will be interesting to see a Live Performance of AUSTRALASIA!

Text by BAM BAM

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Monday, March 4, 2013

...compilation style!!!

Proud to introduce you the free Chilean fuzz rock compilation, it's free to download and has 21 real nice band's on it.  Top Fuzz, Stoner, Garage, Sludge bands with high quality music...  
In Chile live to less stonerhead's so  they want to share it worldwide... they create CHILEAN FUZZ...check out their facebook site here.

The responsible band behind the also form Chile and is called 
BÁRBARA & LOS ROTOS DEL ROCK...check them out here because its good for you...also listen to their stuff and bang your brain!!! it here!


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Friday, March 1, 2013


Half Gramme Of Soma
Heavy Rock/Desert Rock

Last Summer they recorded their first full length album at In The Core Media Studio in Athens.
The album was mixed and mastered by George Leodis (1000mods,The Dive) and is finally available
for streaming and downloading through Bandcamp.The CD format is available too,
in a custom printed handmade package in 500 numbered copies (a DIY self-release).

The band is now due to establish its presence in the Greek heavy music scene with this release and
a new lead singer and is ready for some serious gigging.We try to combine Heavy Rock sound with
a wide range of influences(psych,stoner,grunge,metal,postrock,noise rock) and we are already working
on new,and probably quite different,songs.

get it here

"This greek dude's know how to rock and mix heavy rock with some psychedelich parts...all is coming straight and pleasant to hear. The vocals on "Feed your Hell" reminds me on James Hetfield, "Secret of the Fox" comes with a lot of hall and smooth and slow riff work... a great song,  
A oriental and  also melancholic atmosphere spread during the playing time. To the End it's more psychedelic and like in a mediation mood. At all a real good piece of plastic for your buy it and don't be a cock!!!"

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