Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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After a short hiatus from music Tomi Mykkänen and Henkka Vahvanen from Battlelore started jamming stuff together. Soon it was decided that they needed to form a band for the jams. Miika Kokkola (founding member and original bass player from Battlelore) was contacted and asked if he wants to jam with the guys. He did. They played and jammed a few times and then it was decided that second guitarist would not hurt. Miika said that he had already talked with Tommi Havo (another original Battlelore member) about the project and that he was very interested. So, enter Tommi and on the first rehearsal together the first real song was made. On the second rehearsal the second song was made and then it was realized that the band had born.
January 2013: Enter Soaring High EP. The band decided to record, mix and master a demo in their rehearsal place to see if it's possible to make an album like that. 7 songs were recorded and after the first mix it was clear that the quality is surprisingly good, so the band decided to release a strictly limited EP of four songs from the sessions. 5th song will be released as a video later. The EP showcases quite well the versatility and the musicianship of the band. It shows their sides from the pure stoner rock frenzy to the more doomier fields.
LOWBURN are currently looking for possible quarters to work with booking, album release and such. We'd be extremely interested to release a 7" from the EP or the extra songs we have ready. We are also getting ready for the album recordings as well.


"Another band from the northern part of this earth and as is almost always good...Lowburn create a punchy sound and have a lot of fuzzy groove parts in their song's.
Very interesting song structures and really much variety make it to the listeners really amazing mood. Finest Stoner Rock in ancient tradition like Dozer, Clutch, El Caco, Atomic Thunderpussy, Fu Manchu...get your own 4 track power album of LOWBURN and come in swinging..i hope i can hear soon more of this nice band!"
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