Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Instrumental Post Rock/Metal,Shoegaze

AUSTRALASIA is a childhood spent listening to Ennio Morricone's
soundtracks; a youth on the sharp edge of the underground, 
extreme metal scene; a whole life sunk into the Post-rock molten wax 
with a strong fascination for the sound of vintage synthesizers.

This is the place where unusual soundscapes come to life: 
ethereal guitars mix with blast beat drums and black metal riffing, 
giving birth to strange and fast-flowing tunes. 
Here subterranean streams alternate with tidal waves, 
turning into cinematic pictures that can last just the blink of an eye.
A path distant from the typical instrumental music clich├ęs.

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Antenna 02:56
Spine 04:23
Apnea 02:38
Scenario 02:26
Satellite 02:53
Retina 03:06
Fragile 03:55


 If I am not mistaken, the EP starts with the sound of a cassette, which is inserted into a tape recorder. That takes me back to the 80ies and early 90ies, and gives a good symbolical preview about the general feeling that I had, during my hearing sessions.
The well placed walls of synthesizers, the delayed guitars and the precise drumming... All this reminds me of bands like GY!BE or JOY DIVISION.
And then there is this influence of Post-Metal. The hard guitar riffs and fast drums, mixed with nearly psychedelic parts.

Unfortunately the songs are very short. The longest Track (No.2 – SPINE) comes with 04:23. So the songs let you fly, but the landing is coming to quickly, I felt.
What ever, Sin4tr4 is a nice, atmospheric and experimental piece of music. It will be interesting to see a Live Performance of AUSTRALASIA!

Text by BAM BAM

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