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Starting in april 2008, the STONERFRONT NIJMEGEN originally found itself in ever changing line-ups. And though many things were uncertain, one thing was not, the aural path which was to be followed. That being STONER, with flagship outfits the likes of Kyuss and Monster Magnet (their old stuff) as guiding lights. After the release of three tracks ('Supercar', 'World of Geeks' and '299.80') plus a performance at the zomerfeesten in Nijmegen (Holland), Peter Dragt (Bambix, Emperors of the Black) and Remco Verweij (Starfish, Barbarella) deceided it was time to put things in gear and unleash the front in the form of an instrumental powertrio. 

In John Munnich they found the bassplayer that they were looking for. The soulfull monolithic riffs, kick ass drumparts and tight bottom-end sprinkeled with tasty samples should be sufficient to take listeners on a testosterone trip. Make no bones about it! Stoner's the word we're looking for. Whilst originality is a thing which is put on the backburner.

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Cow Bell and classic rock'n roll tunes...transforms into a dancing stoner rock song....processing a nice solo's...i like this band since the first moment.

2.)Sector 11
A mighty and overcareful start...has some parallel's like colour haze, rotor style...a glorious song i love it! riffs,riffs,solo's and so much groove!

With this song you can see that you can do with simple ideas, brilliant song's. This guy's are great musician's and know how to make good instrumental music, super asskicking bass work, great guitar technics and nice drum part's...all what brings you to shake!!!

4.)World of Geeks
Funky space rock with up's and down's, very exciting song and fits perfectly with the concept.
I need more of this band....quickly!

"STONER FRONT NIJMEGEN rock's hard and kick's ass, the whole albumseems well balanced and offers a broad spectrum of high quality music. I can only recommend this LP, they impress with their brilliant sound and really fine songwriting, this dutch dude's provides us with rotating ears.
Thank's for great music..."

9 from 10 Stonerpoints
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If you’re looking for drive, groove and great riffs from Nijmegen Rockcity you should definitely check out Emperors. Emperors are a stonerrock group who have been playing music on those terms since 2005.

These guys , made of stone, marble and granite, started off in 2005 playing covers of bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Blind Dog as “Emperors of the Black”. In the year 2010 the creativity itch could no longer be ignored and Emperors started to write and play their own songs.

Now they play their very own kind of Stonerrock; Hard as stone, subtle where possible yet aggressive where it should be. Heavy groovy music with a sharp edge which still reveals influences from Emperors’ musical heroes.

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"The Emperor's also make nice music, a little bit harder and dirtier than Stonerfront Nijmegen but also really nice, i think this two dutch band's have very big cojones...necessarily a listen!!!"

Big thank's to Peter

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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