Saturday, March 9, 2013

...half animal, half machine...


An(n)imal Machine is a stoner doom trio from Mexico.
It's a extremely dry and hot sound similar Buffalo,Kyuss,Dozer...
The three dude's really know how good "stoner rock" works.
With these three tracks on the free EP they have earned a good rating....The percentage terms it is almost 100% efficient!!


I like the groovy driving beginning of the song, the short fat hard hitting riffs and  also the psych parts in "Condenado" are a really nice opener for the EP.

"A fistful of Dollars"
I like the Western Movie from  Sergio Leone and also the song of ANIMAL's start's like a kind of "Green Machine" and and starts to make powerful thrust!!! But a good song at all...I think
it is pulled a little too far into the length but damn!!!it's ok!

Short title, long song...with a flanger concomitant start...into a grove rich song structure.
A really nice last song, big thank's for this nice 30 minutes of heavy riffing and ass kicking groove!!!


 get it here

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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