Sunday, March 31, 2013

...drunken monkey...


Downtempo / Rock / Southern Rock

Copro Records/Casket Music

The band was formed by Father W. in 2004, under the name of “the Drunk Earth”, a combination of Crust / Punk / Sludge metal. As “the Drunk Earth” a tape Ep, called “Returnable Bottle” was released through Fistbang Records, limited to 300 hand numbered copies. After several lives and due to members’ personal reasons, the band’s action stopped. Thus, in 2009, “Drunk Motherfuckers” were created by Father W. again from the ashes of “the Drunk Earth”, with completely different Line Up and style of music – a combination of Stoner and Sludge. 

An acoustic Ep called “Drunk and Wasted” was recorded and self released in 2009, limited in 666 hand numbered copies, as also a song called “We ain’t give a shit about Sobers” was recorded and included later, in 2010, in Spinalonga’s Records double compilation. With a new line up again, consisted of Father W. (Vocals), Pedro G.E. (Drums), Soulis (Bass), Andrew (Rhythm and Lead Guitars) and Wee (Rhythm Guitars and Lead Guitars), the debut album “…and alcohol for All” was recorded. It is planned to be released by Casket Records in February of 2013.

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"A nice Southern/Heavy Rock straight from Greece, like their countryman "Planet of Zeus,1000 mods, Nightstalker" they create a sound who let groove your brains. I really enjoy their funny video to their song "3D (Drunk-Day-Drama)".
Their debut album on my home homespeakers did already sound's nice and tehy do a good job, groovy part's, good song structure's and a lot of alternatio. Song's like "Ain't give a shit about sobbers, This Earth was Drunk" will let you feel that you're alive. Check out this drunken monkeys and get your as kicked!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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