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Stoner Rock/Doom

VERACRASH is a heavy psych rock band from Milan, Italy, which was formed in 2003. Their live acts are known for being absolutely massive and reliable. They indeed shared the stage with international artists such as Brant Bjork, Mondo Generator, Truckfighters, Nebula, Ufomammut and many others. Their debut "11:11" has received enthusiastic reviews across Italy, Europe and US making their fan base growing.

 The second album "My brother the godhead" recorded and produced by Niklas Källgren(Dango) from the mighty swedish band Truckfighters. You can hear somethimes there a parallel to the power trio from sweden  or band's like Dozer, Greenleaf ("We own you, Bitches","Remote Killing") but VERACRASH still they have created their own fat sound. Song's like "Exit Damnation", "Obey the Void", A really good classic northern stoner rock album from the sunny italy, with cool modern influences and high quality sound. 

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Stoner Metal/Doom

Humulus is a beer drinking dirty trio from Bergamo/Italy and they know how to transform mighty sound in groove bristling riffs. Enormous hard hitting drum work, burning spicy amps, crispy fat bass and a hard and rough voice from ben, he is also playing the guitar. My favourite song's are "The Liar Priest","Land of Justice","Banshee" and "Humulus"...the whole album works good and makes a fine and smooth mood...understood? So much oo's hehe!!! Great album, taste it!!!

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Southern/Heavy Rock

Howling is fundamental. The moan, the passion, the unexplainable strength of blues. Not a music, not only a feeling but a vibe that gives a different color to each day. A way to feel musical notes that makes impossible to perceive the difference between who is playing and who is listening. Through the King Howl, blues find a new way. Sounds coming from the first part of XX century, like those from people like Son House, Muddy Water, Howling Wolf, Robert Johnson, are filtered out and take new shape, combining stoner rock, funk, punk and jazz style in a new crossover labored with spontaneity and naturalness, in a direct way. Their set is is a flow of sounds that never stops, which changes at each song, speaking the blues language, with a different accent every time.

The quartet (each musician comes from different bands like Giannies, Antagonista Quintet, Pirina Scream, Super Oil 69, Thee Oops), after their first “King Howl EP” and a year full of gigs around Italy (sometimes supporting bands like Kamikaze Queens, King Salami, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Kina, Uoki Toki, Aucan), is ready to present their first full length, an album with 11 tracks, where King Howl show an original songwriting combining the best blues tradition to very different rhythms and progressions, defined by a heavy moving sound always looking at a stoner rock feeling. A journey between 8new unpublished tracks and 3 old blues songs completely revisited, one of them (Hard Time Killing Floor), with Francesco Piu on guitars. From crossover grooves (Mornin’), to psycho boogie (Wolfman’s calling) through stoner (My Lord) and smokey atmospheres (Nocturne), an album that smells like a live, You must play it Louder.

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