Sunday, March 10, 2013

...time for black ears...


Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Grunge

Homegrown Stoner Metal

It always is a challenge, to release your stuff in your own responsibility, without the helping hand of a label. So, the Italian Band THE BLACKTONES did it! And the results are really worth it!


The Band was founded in 2011 by Sergio Boi (Guitar), who also directed the recordings of the EP, and Gianni Farci (Bass). Joined by Drummer Maurizio Mura and Simone Utzeri (Vocals) the combo was completed. In 2012 this EP was released.
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1.) The Last Time 04:22
2.) Walking Dead 04:33
3.) The Phoenix 03:31
4.) Ashes 02:55
5.) Our God 03:58

My first thoughts on DISTORTED REALITY, were about the unique voice of the vocalist Simone Utzeri. It wasn't easy for me, to rate it. But then, with the 2nd and 3rd track, the voice began to fuse with the music. It all became a strong Stoner- Unit. A touch of Grunge can not be denied on the complete work. But also there are Dark elements. The lyrics are thoughtful, and want the listener to think about society, and the way, everybody looks like in his own personal mirror of reality.

For me, it is a solid proof of good homegrown Stoner Metal, and the Italian record companies should give their attention to it.

Text by Bam Bam 

Big thanks to Sergio Boi

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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