Wednesday, November 28, 2012

...bright sound...


Bright Curse's story begins when Main Row, singer and guitarist of Soul Manifest,
 decides to leave the north of France to live in London.
He finds a friend, Sam, together, they rebuild the band with two other musicians (Harry & Karen).
Unfortunately, after many changes of drummers, energy slows down.
The original line-up has been altered so they choose to stop the adventure. Nevertheless,
Main Row and Sam decide to create a new band, darker & fatter.
Their friend JB Pilon (who handled the recording of Bright Curse's EP) introduces
 Zak to them, a French drummer from the metal scene !
A gig at a private party, few psychotropics and a practice later,
 the alchemy was in the air. Bright Curse was born !


Big thanks to Sylvain

"Bright Curse brings a fresh wind straight 
from the streets of London.
Great melodies with fat guitar sound...and on the 5 track album is enough material at all to give this great band more stonerpoints. Some parts reminds me on band's like Greenhouse Effect so for me it's high quality music with a huge sound!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

Sunday, November 25, 2012



While hidden away in smoke-filled cellars, occasionally emerging to conquer local venues, Estoner has finished their debut album "The Stump Will Rise", which takes listeners on a magical trip from grim forests to the vastness of the cosmos. Estoner's music is heavily psychedelic and psychedelically heavy, encrusted with clean vocals, massive guitar licks and weird noise from the planets orbit. The band has been influenced by various scenes and times - there's a pinch of prog, a spoonful of groove and even a few sprinkles of extreme metal, but the main inspiration has come from thick and juicy stoner-rock seasoned with raw doom metal. "The Stump Will Rise" contains 50 minutes of psychedelic heaviness divided into 7 songs, that take listeners far into a parallel dimension and leave them there. Drink up your mushroom tea!

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"smooth sound's and a harmonic atmosphere between the musician's and their instrument's...i would say a party for your ear dude, heavy stoner riffs with a lot of relaxed and lovely hits you hard and with no mercy ESTONER rocks!!!"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

Friday, November 23, 2012

...tee pee...

Tee Pee is back with a nice free sampler for you check it out and enjoy this great band's.

TEE PEE RECORDS 2012 FREE LABEL SAMPLER spreads its venom via twelve dastardly doses of potent poison from longtime label stalwarts (NAAM, HOPEWELL, ASSEMBLE HEAD IN SUNBURST SOUND), fast-rising newcomers (THE SHRINE, SAINT JAMES SOCIETY, WHIRR, BLACK HEAT SHUJAA) and cult favorites (KADAVAR, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR, LECHEROUS GAZE, TRUCKFIGHTERS). Each facet of Tee Pee's awesome arsenal is presented here in one explosive and exciting package, all FREE of charge! To rock this stupendous sampling of sound, Hearing is believing!

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8 from 10 Stonersamplerpoints

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Stoner Rock
Spinalonga Records

In the midst of the economic crisis in Greece, Cube are releasing what seems like a 90’s heavy rock revival. Focused on groove and straight-up heavy rock, the band delves into prog-rock experimentation but never loses the grungy aesthetic that cuts through the entire album.

The quartet have released a few tracks over the years on various compilations such as the ‘In the Junkyard’ series -featuring fellow greek acts the Dive, Planet of Zeus, the Bliss, Nightstalker among others- (Spinalonga Records, Greece) and the ‘Rock ‘n Roll Blvd vol.1’ -featuring bands like Honcho, Monkey 3, Kayser and more- (Buzzville Records, Belgium).

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Big thanks to Phillip

"CUBE really grooves and make a very interesting new sound various singers, funky song's and a big spectrum of high quality music...i really love this album and i'm very happy to get a killer album like this for free...please feel free and spend some dollar's for this nice greece dude's...CUBE kick's ass!!!"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

Monday, November 19, 2012

...straight from the desert hills...

Blues/Hard/Stoner Rock

Juggernaught are a band of hairy, whiskey guzzlin, guitar slingin men, who play hairy, whiskey guzzlin, guitar slingin music. Tastefully combining Classic Rock, Blues and Hard Rock into one bad ass brew their supporters labelled MAN-ROCK.

Over the past four years since this South African bands' inception they have played well over three hundred shows around Southern Africa, which includes festivals like Oppikoppi, Ramfest, Witchfest, Motherfudd, Windhoek Metal Fest, Lucky Fish, Thornfest as well as numerous tours around South Africa and Namibia. This relentless gig schedule as well as the energy and quality of their shows and their music has helped Juggernaught establish itself as a big player in the South African rock scene.

Late in 2009 Juggernaught released their debut album “Act of Goat”, which has been very well received and it’s first pressing sold out in less than two months after which the band decided to make it available free of charge on their website in order to reach a wider audience and in keeping with their belief that a band should make money from playing live and not from recordings. 

In 2010 Juggernaught kept a heavy touring schedule on the back of their debut release(visiting smaller towns such as Secunda, Potgietersrus, Pietersburg, Springs as well as larger cities like Cape Town, Durban and Bloem) while still keeping a steady stream of local Gauteng shows as well as writing material and doing pre-production on their second album. The year also saw Juggernaught be part of the SABC show Jam Sandwich with some of South African musics biggest names, for the show they wrote and recorded a song with kwaito star Mapaputsi.

2011 saw the machine rolling on with plenty of sweaty live shows including an appearance at Ramfest, the release of their “Brown Pleather” EP which featured teaser track from the upcoming album as well as unreleased tracks.

End of 2012 will see the release of the second much anticipated album which will be supported by a nationwide tour, the album “Bring the Meat Back” will be available end of October, a documentary is being filmed about the band and the recording of the record and word has been spreading rapidly with the music videos on youtube receiving almost 200 000 hits this year alone and with over 170 000 hits on the ‘Mountain Man’ video alone. So if you haven't heard about Juggernaught you are surely living under a rock.

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"The biting vocals fits perfectly to the hard riffs what pulled out of the guitars.
Great drumwork and very varied every listener is charmed and happy.
Sometimes the vocal's reminds me on Nail Fallon(clutch) but also on Frank Zappa.
My favourite song's on "Bring the Meat back" are "Bring the Meat back, Beef or Chicken, Wors and Bad Idea...on the whole a very successful album!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

Friday, November 16, 2012

...triple feature...



Galvano hail from Gothenburg, Sweden and comprises of duo Fredrik and Mattias. Formed in 2005, the band had one direction and one aim, to create something heavy. But it wasn’t until 2007 that the band let the outside world hear what they were creating when they released their first demo and started to play shows. The following years saw more touring across Europe playing alongside bands such as Black Breath and Alaskan.

Two Titans sees the duo deliver sludgy powerful riffs and intense drumming combined with slowed down dark passages. They enable you to go through a full spectrum of emotions then back again. Describing the album, Mattius (singer/guitarist) comments that:
‘All these songs are personal, all the way throughout the record. They are about personal matters and demons. It's about finding the darkest corners, the dark lord within and to show up for battle. Portrayed as two titans in constant battle: Good/Evil, Darkness/Light and so on. And sometimes wanting to embrace either side. It's about knowing when your mind is pulling tricks and being able to stop it. It's also celebrating our musical force as a duo.’

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"Galvano and the debut album...dark, oppressive and
exciting...this album has a big spectrum and comes with a lot great riffs and blasting parts..."Bleeding Lamb" or "Eternal Sword" are my absolutely favorite song's"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints


“El Mal del Bien” saw its vinyl release in South America on March 19 2011, with a tour that hit Venezuela, Argentina and Chile; and later summer festivals and club shows in Holland, Czech Republic and UK. Three new video clips have contributed to the underground buzz that has been growing worldwide. The most important underground and mainstream media are unanimously praising the unique direction the band has taken. It also led to the band being requested to deliver a track for the Global Metal CD of Metal Hammer (in the Sept. 2011 issue), and many appearances on TV and radio with interviews and specials, as well as an appearance on the closing day of the already notorious DesertFest 2012 in London (alongside Orange Goblin, Karma to Burn, etc). In November 2012 “El Mal Del Bien” will be released as a digipack CD via Devouter Records (UK).

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"Cultura Tres are not the first time on my blog and that gave a reason...this band have a lot good vibe's...the new album "El Mal del Bien" stands out from its predecessors skillfully.What are you expecting many songs to grab your own!!!"

also check out another review of this band here

9 from 10 Stonerpoints

Doom/Sludge Metal

The second full album of the american trio MAKE is coming hard and rare...hit's your face and and you can also relax at the same time again...MAKE make this possible...great album...enjoy "AXIS" and get to know the new page of this band.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012 bedroom doom...


Judd Madden:
"Just wanted to send a special shout out to you all, and thank you for your support over the years.
listen to  my music has been an insanely massive help to me - to build up a bit of a fanbase and spread the doom around the world!"

...NEW released the 5th masterpiece of the Australian one man doom band from the one and only "JUDD MADDEN" thank this guy for great music, enjoy his work for free or   support this artist with some obolus on bandcamp. DOOOM ON!!!"


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

...sons of kings...


Emersion draws thick grey lines between borders of alternative music. Meditative psychedelia and spacey soundscapes are both present on this new album which continues the journey of Sons of Kings. The creation is served in two parts, and with even more low frequencies with additional bass player, which renders the original trio into a quartet. The ambitious plan behind Emersion is to connect the dots between soundtrack-like atmospheres, non-typical progressions, kraut-continuity, stoner-fuzz, and post rock mentality. The outcome is, at least, an alternative way to approach the music.

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" A world of ambient sound, drone parts and deep and dark doom escapees...a music for the darker people...great!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

Monday, November 12, 2012

...strange mix...


Doom meets Metal meets Stonerpunk meets whatever. 
Intensity as a side dish and a fist in the face for dessert. Born in summer 2002 and
in 2005 the band is joined by two new members and two other EPs follows.
In November 2006 their first LP „Beyond An Armored Skin“ is recorded  at Planet-EarthRecordings and released through Raddatz Records in June 2007.
 In 2009, just before recording the successor of „Beyond An Armoured Skin,“ J.R. Lavendel decides to go his own way. This delays the recording of „Kaventsmann“ which is 
finally recorded at the end of 2010 with Esche Ahorn on drums, again with Alex Hornbach at Planet Earth Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
 „Kaventsmann“ finally sees the light of the public.

Voltron is Victory

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Almost five years after the critically acclaimed debut album „Beyond An Armoured 
Skin“ the Berlin based band VOLTRON 
have released their next opus - 
„Kaventsmann“ and the name couldn‘t be more fitting. 
This old German word comes originally from 
seamen-speech, meaning ‚a big wave‘. In fact, VOLTRON 
have thrown us a big, heavy mass that 
requires our full attention, taking us through twisting travels and leaving us 
breathlessly behind. 

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

Thursday, November 8, 2012's time to go surfing...


Post-Rock/Psych Surf Rock

Since 2009, the quartet Circassian has been torturing people with its music and pseudoculturedinfluences.
Their music is fused by neo-psychedelic patterns, often forms of atonality and once again traditional melodies drawn from parts of asia and nothern africa.

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"nice psych tunes from this greece dude' style and post-rock parts with smooth voices and world's of sound and hall, really interesting band...check out and love this smooth album!"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Wayne Furter, Quentin Vega, Niko El Moche and Cactus Flo give birth to Wheelfall, a band following the tradition of the 90's Desert Rock and Doom Metal scene.

After one year, made up of a lot of gigs where the band stands out with its authentic and intense shows, the "From the Blazing Sky At Dusk" EP comes out in April 2010, recorded, produced and distributed by the band itself.

Giving as much importance to its music than its lyrical themes, each Wheelfall's song is part of one and only story, illustrated by Terry Hellrider without whom the universe of the band would not be complete. 

A few months after the release of the first EP, Quentin Vega decides to leave the band, replaced by Niko Elbow in September 2010.
Wheelfall's story resumes with renewed vigour : the gigs keep coming, and 2012 seems to be favorable to the release of a first album...

listen and order it here!!!


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

...far away town...


In 2009, Far Away Town left the past to head into a new age of fuzz as a three-piece.
There unique style as a hybrid of stonerrock, a load of fuzz and, of course, psychedelic parts
is reflecting there influences of several heavy sounds.
Always heading forward, this stonerrock-trio released one demo CD, 2 EPs  one live record and is already working  on a new album with the date for release this years autumn.
Far Away Town played more than 100 shows so far and did a load of support shows for no less than Brant Bjork& the Bros, Truckfighters, Brain Police, Deville and so on.
Needless to say, this guys are coming ´ up with heavy riffs and desert sound and always heading ´ for the real fuzz.

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get it here

"The impact can not be's like Queens of the Stone Age, Brant Bjork, Fu Manchu are a great inspiration for the band...but the sound also reminds me strongly on only good factors. Far Away Town offer a broad spectrum of good music with high quality sound. "Old Jokes new laughs" and also the "Demo" are full of killer song's and they are quite eager to bring you to the stomping live...enjoy the album's and be good and well-behaved...come to their show's, buy merch and their album's!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints