Friday, August 26, 2011

...electric moon special...

Electric Moon
Psych Rock/Experimental Rock

Pablo, Sula and Lulu from Germany conjure a very special sound out of amps, toms, effects and a good idea behind the songs, 51 minutes in trance with "Inferno" or over 17 minutes with D-Tunes, smooth rhytms and chilling atmosphere, when i paint a artwork with acryl, mostly i hear electric moon and other psych/drone muisc. its not a music you can zapp into and show fast some guy, you must lean back and dive into the world of the three musicians.
In the link you will find the separate parts from Electric Moon.
they recorded 2010 the first part "lunatic", but the storage capacity was too small, then in 2011 came with the "lunatic revenge" after missing two titles, with another 2 songs. Also you get linkted the latest album of the band, it called "inferno" and also a psych album with
huge influence. You can buy it on Sulatron Records (Band Members own Label). Artwork by Komet Lulu, you can visit her on myspace here.

thanks to Sula Bassana and the hole band for the special music and the hard work behind the scenes!!!

Electric Moon - Lunatics
   Follow links make possible to hear something 
from electric moon, enjoy:

Electric Moon - Lunatics Revenge

Electric Moon - Inferno
Here the latest release "INFERNO" a great album, with long spacey can buy it on Sulatron Records, see the following link.
Buy merch on: 


...atmospheric tunes straight from greece...

Space Tunes comes from Greece, this morbide kind 
of rocking shit storm your brains and lay an egg full of noisy musiccells...strange?...not at all, great riffs a good singing performance,  dark atmospheric doom prog-metal with stonerroots. If you like tool, then you will hear THE BLISS just as happy. Enjoy the video and the following links to this strange world. My favourite is the song in the video, the track is called "Zapukletska" and also mighty is the song "Liabatyd" who has this certain something. A track over 12 minutes, with hard tunes, aggressiv riffs and some sludge parts. And this nice albumartwork...a concept...that rocks....

The Bliss - Zapukletska (VIDEO)


 Progressiv/Stoner Metal
320 kbps
168 mb

01. Zapukletska
02. Liabatyd
03. The Curse Of Lucio and Simplicio Godina
04. To The Son
05. Five Units
06. The Great Unknown
07. Dementia
08. Ah Dawn
09. Joe Mazzotti

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zervos krist and the other Stonerheads

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

...christchurch stone back...


This three guys from New Zealand know how to make a ass kicking song, good singer, defined song structures, cool transitions, if you like Clutch, Planet of Zeus,Crowbar and Down... will like Second Gear Grind to.

This fat grooves and the nice keyboard on the newer album are very psych and progressive.

You can buy Stuff here

You can meet the guys on myspace

or on whatthefuckbook there

 Second Gear Grind- Fistfull of Silver
Independently released
Recorded at Clevetown Studios, Christchurch, New Zealand
Mastered at The Boiler Room, Chicago, U.S.A

Track listing:
1. Gracing The Line
2. The River And The Dead Meadow
3. Stone Bullet
4. Magic Ride

Second Gear Grind - Grayscale
Independently released
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Clevetown Studios, Christchurch, New Zealand

Track listing:
1. Carpet of Smoke
2. Black Swan
3. Grayscale

a big thanks to Steve and the Band

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Sunday, August 21, 2011 stuff from brazil...

myspace  This stoner/sludge duo named "Projeto Trator" from Brazil. This two Guys have recorded 2 Albums, 2007 "A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado" and 2009 "O Caldo Vai Azedar" and i hope to hear something more next time, 2 Guys and so fucking fuzzy, groovey stoner with all parts of a good stonerband...enjoy it and get horny...thanks to the guys from Projeto Trator!!!  NEW VIDEO WATCH HERE  

A Bombastica Barafunda do Batizado (EP) 2007

O Caldo Vai Azedar 2009

Please support the Bands with buying Merch, Vinyl's and other Stuff, show your Friend's what band rocks and take them with you next gig...thanks your stonerhead!!!

...kind of brainfucking...

Flowergirls and Dudes, comes Fango a Stoner Rock Band from italy, the guys now on GO DOWN RECORDS and start to rock dusty and heavy, i prefear the ampsound...if you know TWEAK BIRD you will always like FANGO. Here 2 Song for you, sended by Andrea the bassmachine from Fango.

the Album " NEL BUIO" you can buy on itunes!
or you wait some days and come back on my site...for "ICARUS" peace brothers and sisters!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...sauzipf...hell yeah...

2 Days of good Mix of Stoner/Metal/Psych/Punk/Doom/Rock Festival for only 15 Euro, next year a must go, enjoy the pictures and some nice links.

Line-Up Sauzipf Rocks 11:

Baby Woodrose
Horn of the Rhino myspace 
-Total Chaos myspace
- Malignant Tumour .myspace
- The Heads myspace
- Dust Bolt myspace
- Mignon myspace
- The Anomalys myspace
- Madog
- Lost Rivers myspace
 -Peggy Germs myspace
- Stake-off the Witch myspace
- Stonedhedge

psychy atmosphere on sauzipf
Baby Woodrose as Headliner on Friday

Great Doom Metal from Horn of Rhino

...thanks for all, see you next year...

Monday, August 15, 2011

...iggy pop on dope...again...

This three-dudes has been rocking out and about the Philadelphia area for about 5 years, delivering stoner rock that is blues-based, with a healthy dose of psychedelia and a stoned iggy pop punch. The Company Corvette brings high-energy, riff-driven grooves mixed with laid back vocals and blistering, wah-wah drenched guitar action. The best think is listen to the record and go to be horny...on WET SHOES, this song have so musch groove or listen to THIRD I, its my favourite, a trippy, psychy solo track over 10 minutes...and it simply rocks!!!

download the new album here

Thanks Ross and the hole band for this fucking nice sound!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011's sula time...

Dave Schmidt play in a Band named Electric Moon and  Zone Six, he also had a soloproject named Sula Bassana , check out and visit his site full with Stoner/Psych/Rock Stuff, you can Order CD's/LP's and other cool things. Do you like check out the site and listen to Sula Bassana and the other giant earfucking bands...i think you will love it, here some infos for 

upcoming gigs:


13.08. B- Geel, Yellowstock Festival
23.09. Jena, Rosenkeller (+Vibravoid, Tracker)
24.09. Würzburg, Immerhin (+Tracker, Vibravoid)
30.09. Fulda, Kulturkeller (+Electric Orange, Zone Six)
14.10. Ellmendingen (bei Karlsruhe), Gasthaus Löwen (+The Pancakes, Ax Genrich...)


14.08. B- Geel, Yellowstock Festival
30.09. Fulda, Kulturkeller (+Electric Orange, Electric Moon)


13.08. Cologne, Tsunami
14.08. B- Geel, Yellowstock Festival
09.09. Hamburg, Fabrik
23.09. Jena, Rosenkeller (+Electric Moon, Tracker)
24.09. Würzburg, Immerhin (+Tracker, Electric Moon)
14.10. Krefeld, Kulturrampe


13.08. B- Geel, Yellowstock Festival
20.08. Finkenbach Festival
30.09. Fulda, Kulturkeller (+Electric Moon, Zone Six)


12.08. Schorndorf, Manufaktur (+...Trail of Dead)
23.09. Jena, Rosenkeller (+Vibravoid, Electric Moon)
24.09. Würzburg, Immerhin (+Electric Moon, Vibravoid)


22.09. Bielefeld, Forum (+Caminos)
23.09. Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang
24.09. Berlin, TV EYE Labelfest, Bassy Club


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...what a nice sound...

Release August 2011

40minutes of psych/stoner from Ukraine, really good Sound, not always the same, a lot of Styles and i think you can hear the young Ozzy somethimes, Enjoy this amazing Band and buy the Album here.
The Album starts with Occult(my favourite), very nice riffs and good mood. "Holy Mountain" also a awsome track (Ozzyalarm)...fuck off..hear with your ears...

feel stoned ... here.