Friday, August 26, 2011

...atmospheric tunes straight from greece...

Space Tunes comes from Greece, this morbide kind 
of rocking shit storm your brains and lay an egg full of noisy musiccells...strange?...not at all, great riffs a good singing performance,  dark atmospheric doom prog-metal with stonerroots. If you like tool, then you will hear THE BLISS just as happy. Enjoy the video and the following links to this strange world. My favourite is the song in the video, the track is called "Zapukletska" and also mighty is the song "Liabatyd" who has this certain something. A track over 12 minutes, with hard tunes, aggressiv riffs and some sludge parts. And this nice albumartwork...a concept...that rocks....

The Bliss - Zapukletska (VIDEO)


 Progressiv/Stoner Metal
320 kbps
168 mb

01. Zapukletska
02. Liabatyd
03. The Curse Of Lucio and Simplicio Godina
04. To The Son
05. Five Units
06. The Great Unknown
07. Dementia
08. Ah Dawn
09. Joe Mazzotti

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints 

zervos krist and the other Stonerheads

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