Wednesday, August 17, 2011

...sauzipf...hell yeah...

2 Days of good Mix of Stoner/Metal/Psych/Punk/Doom/Rock Festival for only 15 Euro, next year a must go, enjoy the pictures and some nice links.

Line-Up Sauzipf Rocks 11:

Baby Woodrose
Horn of the Rhino myspace 
-Total Chaos myspace
- Malignant Tumour .myspace
- The Heads myspace
- Dust Bolt myspace
- Mignon myspace
- The Anomalys myspace
- Madog
- Lost Rivers myspace
 -Peggy Germs myspace
- Stake-off the Witch myspace
- Stonedhedge

psychy atmosphere on sauzipf
Baby Woodrose as Headliner on Friday

Great Doom Metal from Horn of Rhino

...thanks for all, see you next year...