Friday, August 26, 2011

...electric moon special...

Electric Moon
Psych Rock/Experimental Rock

Pablo, Sula and Lulu from Germany conjure a very special sound out of amps, toms, effects and a good idea behind the songs, 51 minutes in trance with "Inferno" or over 17 minutes with D-Tunes, smooth rhytms and chilling atmosphere, when i paint a artwork with acryl, mostly i hear electric moon and other psych/drone muisc. its not a music you can zapp into and show fast some guy, you must lean back and dive into the world of the three musicians.
In the link you will find the separate parts from Electric Moon.
they recorded 2010 the first part "lunatic", but the storage capacity was too small, then in 2011 came with the "lunatic revenge" after missing two titles, with another 2 songs. Also you get linkted the latest album of the band, it called "inferno" and also a psych album with
huge influence. You can buy it on Sulatron Records (Band Members own Label). Artwork by Komet Lulu, you can visit her on myspace here.

thanks to Sula Bassana and the hole band for the special music and the hard work behind the scenes!!!

Electric Moon - Lunatics
   Follow links make possible to hear something 
from electric moon, enjoy:

Electric Moon - Lunatics Revenge

Electric Moon - Inferno
Here the latest release "INFERNO" a great album, with long spacey can buy it on Sulatron Records, see the following link.
Buy merch on: 


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