Monday, July 30, 2012

...the brutal nature of a bear...


Grizzly is a five headed band from hungary and theydo finest stoner-sludge. It's a blasting debut download it and get ass kicked...

get it here

"If like the voice on the older album's of Clutch...the doomness of Leather Nun and the groove of you will love GRIZZLY...every song on "Fear my Wrath" let groove your brain's the whole day...with such an murder band you can only start good into this them, buy their stuff and visit the concert's because this dude's are awesome...

thanks to Arian

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

...wight sound's tight...


The world is a fast moving place, fraight with haste and impatience.
Wouldn't it be nice, if at least occasionally the rotation of this earth
would decelerate? Wight provide a soundtrack for this:
with playful, atmospherical slow-motion tunes they celebrate an
authentic black sabbath which makes even the beelzebub himself
turn trippy-psychedelic. Just like a cathedral, their epic sound rises aloft.
But do not fear: Just shortly before the world threats so finally perish,
Kyuss and comrades come around on a train and requicken this desert.
Wight are far, far afield and some smoking heads are guaranteed for friends
of Saint Vitus or Goatsnake aswell as for the followers of Earth or 35007.

check out and buy the new album here

"A really tight new album of the german dude's...after a great tour with bushfire the generator of Wight seems  to run hot..."Through the Woods into Deep Water" make's every Stonerhead or Malaka really horny...with the first song (Kiss your friend's goodbye) they start their album with a fistful occult rock and stomping riffs it remind's me on a old Pothead song..."Southern Comfort & Northern Light's" comes with more groove and psychedelic lick's on Rene's guitar a really great song to me. "Master of Nugget's" a new stoneranthem of the first class. My absolute favourite is the titlesong to this new masterpiece "Through the Woods into Deep Water"...slow, downtuned, dreamy and once again extremly fat and oppressive like a wall...that's wight ladie's and gentleman...and now i have no mor letter's left...sorry"

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Me with Wight on Stoned from the Underground 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

...split beaver...


A band from Poland called Satellite Beaver play stoner rock or close to that. 
Space, hairy dozer furious enough to destroy planets. Formed in Warsaw in 2008, Satellite Beaver still searches for thickest ... more guitar strings and biggest crash cymbals ever created.

Their philosophy is simple: tune it lower.
The new EP "The Last Bow" was released on 10th of may. Check out this nice guys from Warsaw. Groovey fucked up Stoner Rock...

get it here for free

get the new album here

"Satelitte Beaver put on simple structures but also on fat sound and low tuned and heavy riffs...
"Trip outside your mind" ride the rhytm's hard and unsparingly...this debut kick's ass also the new album "The Last Row" has a brilliant spectrum of sound and songwriting a little bit more's like "Urania" and "Roadtrip" has convinced me...chek them out because it's so fucking good for you!!!"
Thank's to Simon
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Monday, July 23, 2012

...stoned news...

Black Cowgirl is doing a 3 day tour with The Company Band (featuring Clutch frontman Neil Fallon, Fireball Ministry frontman James Rota, CKY drummer Jess Margera, Guitarist Dave Bone, and Fu Manchu bassist Brad Davis) during the end of July as well as appearing at SHOD fest labor day weekend!

Tour dates:
7/26- underground arts/ philly
7/27- st. vitus/ brooklyn
7/28- u street music hall/ dc
9/1 - SHOD 2012/ New London ct

The new work by BLACK COWGIRL will be out on limited gatefold Vinyl in August via Bilocation Records and  CD/iTunes/bandcamp on July 31st!!

Vinyl available at:
CD available at:, iTunes, shows!!


LAW OF THE TONGUE now have shirts available for purchase from our bandcamp page...Shirts are black featuring awesome artwork from the legendary Glenno Smith. For only $15!

...don't be naked...order a shirt here

Saturday, July 21, 2012

...the lonley austria show...

A really nice thursday evening with a assful of  doom, stoner rock and psychtrips...
 SATIVA ROOT and ORGASMATHOTH do the support and make it very well so when Weedeater started the people where warm and ready to bang their weird asses...a unforgetable concert with nice impressions...enjoy the picture package for free download...


Tuesday, July 17, 2012 to...

Stoner Rock

Stefan and Martin first met at local gigs in Vienna in 2009 and soon found out they shared a good taste in music. In the summer of 2010 the two of them started jamming on a regular basis. Songs started to take shape but a bass-player was still missing. After jamming with a few people, Joey came into the picture in early 2011 and it just clicked. PROTOTYPER was born and 2 months later we played our first gigs.

03.08.: Bierwoche Open Air, Arena Wien; w/ Damien Murdoch
25.08.: Sunshine Open Air, Mistelbach; w/ Avelaine, Letters for Lori, etc.

This Dude's are ready to kick some asses out of town...they want to play live and do their own thing...check them outt and book them:

get it here

"...a nice first album with a lot of style changes...Stoner Rock, Southern Rock and sometimes a touch of Post or Psych Rock.
Prototyper go their own way and are now ready to kick ass...check them out!"

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

...extra spicy...

New song from Le Scimmie from italy...named "Habanero" this song is downtuned, dirty, doomy and really kicking ass...see it with your eyes here:

and download it for your living
turn up the volume...your neighbors will love you...
see the other Post of Le Scimmie here

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

...the assassins will get you...


In Copenhagen, 2008, Emil, Joe and Neil decided to join forces and form a tightly knit trio, to be known as Shogun Assassins. They had played in various bands together since their early youth, but as these groups had disbanded over the past years, the three friends found themselves looking for new guns to shoot, and new songs to write.

The principal idea behind Shogun Assassins was to make free s...pirited rock music and have fun with it. However, it grew more serious too, as the group insisted to develop their music until it would clearly express themselves, and reflect their energy. Countless free flowing jam sessions where spent trimming, upgrading, tuning and adjusting their musical engine, and developing the sound they now call their own.
During this time the ever ongoing experiments with musical style and songwriting started to produce more psychedelic and 60s inspired sounds. At the same time the ambitions grew. This ultimately led to the second EP release, titled 'Blue Liquid, Black Sounds, Red Display' recorded early in 2012. This time a professional team was chosen to help produce the record. Danish underground legend Johan Lei Gellett engineered and co-produced the three tracks, and world renown mastering technician Alex Saltz mastered them. The EP displayed sounds ranging from a groovy, heavy blues with a psychedelic vibe to a darker, more stoner and doom inspired style.
As of the early summer 2012 Shogun Assassins is writing material for a new release in album length, playing shows all around Denmark and planning an international tour.
Production was handled by Johan Lei Gellett (Baby Woodrose, The Good The Bad etc.) and it was mastered by Alex Saltz (Roky Erickson, The Raconteurs etc.). The record was released May 31 2012 on Psychenhagen Records.

Try it here or buy it here

"This nice guys have create a sound out of their own mood's and feeling' can feel it, download the
new 3 track album for free on bandcamp or order the beautiful and handcrafted CD-version of Blue Liquid Black Sounds Red Display. Printed on heavy-duty silk paper and sewn. 
I think all three song's has a great potential...i like it more than a album with 11 song's and only one burner they make only three but instead they do this killer album. Listen to it...because it's good for you!!!" 
big thanks to Joe Nash
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...makes me wet...


Trephine, the full-length from Chapel Hill's MAKE, starts off like a straight-up doom record with opener 'Ancient Tongues' all ominous riffs, thick bass lines and grim vocals that sound more black metal than sludge. However, as the album continues it retains the darkness but adds psychedelic elements to the mix. MAKE may not be a stoner band, but they sure as hell make music to get stoned to.

The entire album is a slow-paced slide through atmospheric sounds of psychedelic doom and is consistently mesmerising, with sounds ranging from crushing doom to swirling, spacey sludge. Best enjoyed at midnight with a fat spliff and a stroll through a forest.

buy it here on CD or Vinyl here

"Such an powerful and dynamic debut album of this mighty sludge trio from North Carolina...stomping riffs...dark tune's with a touch of space and psych parts...prepare to fight...enjoy this great album and also listen to other great band's of Devouter Record's like Wiht or Cultura Trees"

big thanks to Phil

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Monday, July 9, 2012 the plate...

Tuber, an instrumental rock trio from Greece, have just re released their first EP in 12" Limited Edition orange and 180g black vinyl through Krauted Mind Records! 

The 42min 5 track EP has been described thoroughly as a blend of stoner, desert and space rock with a sublime psych edge! Tuber are loud, spacey, atmospheric and groovy! You can order their 12" EP or download it for FREE HERE
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

...milf alarm...


Matthew Proctor aka the Cattle Decapitator aka PoNY paYRoLl BoNEs writes: This is not goddamn bullshit rock! The compositions unfurl subtle fury into dark ravines infused with twilights embers.
Neil Hamburger says: I prefer the sounds of the Big Bands, such as the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, to this Jesi Langdale says: i would describe it as low down heroin/acid rock.
Miss Informed of My Obscene Baby says: it sounds like in a Womb.

Harry in action
It's a Womb with a view. you're a total psycho and yeah... that's a turn on Chublaze of Deep Water Culture says: lo-fi high energy, experimental noise grunge from the future that travels via time machines to rape ear canals of the present day earth dwellers. Sarah Crawford aka prosac says: its like somebody's nightmare, like LSD in hell, like Rosemary's baby's first words, or like lost souls clashing or complaining. sounds like a weekend abortionmark of Solar Wimp says: it sounds twisted & awesome sean carnage says: Single Mothers seem to be cut from the same cloth as Caroliner Rainbow, early Butthole Surfers and weird side of post-Syd Pink Floyd. I also hear audiophonic analogies to those jarring acoustic breakdowns that Kraut rockers like Faust used to throw into the middle of their albums
This Duo from Midland do really strange things on their instrument's, it's hard material for your ear's i think it's more art than music but some song's or part's of song's i really like.
This fine morbide sound let groove your brain!!! Try it...a little diffrent kind of music...



"Lady Gaga on drug's without fleshclothes but with a guitar and some electric source's...this Duo from Midland do really strange things on their instrument's, sometime it's maybe to hard material for your ear's but it's more art than music. Some song's or part's of song's i really like.
This fine morbide sound let groove your brain!!! Try it...a little diffrent kind of music...use the force on!!!"

thank's to Harry
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

...psych rock tunes...


Telestrion was formed out of the ashes of Qualone in 2007 by Andy Samford (guitars/vocals) and Brian Holcomb (guitars/vocals). John Smith (bass) and Chris Stewart (drums) were recruited for the recording of their critically acclaimed debut album released in '07. The album received international attention and airplay and the band played shows from Atlanta to Arizona in support. Before too long original Qualone drummer Dwayne Jones returned to the fold along with bassist extraordinaire J. Lee to form the current lineup of Telestrion.


Over the course of 2008 and 2009, Telestrion have performed a number of shows up and down the east coast, including many shows in their hometown of Atlanta, GA. Telestrion assault the senses with their brand of psychedelic acid fuzz rock. Think Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Hawkwind and you'll be in the ballpark, however Telestrion have a sound that is uniquely their own. Telestrion's performances meander back and forth between tightly rehearsed songs and loose free form improv jams, depending on the state of the players and the moment.

Telestrion have recently completed several new recordings which will be released in a form still to be determined at some point in 2010. These new recordings showcase the current lineup of Telestrion firing on all cylinders, consisting of several new compositions, a couple of classic cover songs, and a handful of super psychedelic studio improvs.

Telestrion returns with their new EP "Molecule" availale on vinyl only. To celebrate the

release of "Molecule", we are also reissuing the 2007 self-titled release, available for

the first time on vinyl. The self titled features a deluxe gatefold cover with 2 different

color combinations of vinyl, 4 different colors in all. The single disc EP is also
and both include codes to unlock digital downloads of transfers directly from the vinyl
available in either 24 bit WAV, 16 bit WAV, or 320 kpbs MP3.
Telestrion also recently laid down basic tracks with drummer Ric Parnell (Atomic Rooster,

Spinal Tap) and will be returning to the studio soon to finish work on the new recordings.

buy it here

available in 2 different colors. Both releases are limited to 300 copies each worldwide

...heavy psych for all the people...

Black Rainbows "7 inches" 50 extra ltd red vinyl-450 black vinyl ,
rise above artwork, 2 brand new songs.

Black Rainbows first time ever printed , first release 
"Twilight in the Desert" (2007) 100 yellow 12"- 400 black 180 gr vinyl 12"

Farflung/Black Rainbows space split, clear blue 12", vinyl

Tons-"Musineè Doom Session vol 1" 100 ltd green vinyl-400 black 180 gr vinyl 12" 
and digipack deluxe ed