Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...makes me wet...


Trephine, the full-length from Chapel Hill's MAKE, starts off like a straight-up doom record with opener 'Ancient Tongues' all ominous riffs, thick bass lines and grim vocals that sound more black metal than sludge. However, as the album continues it retains the darkness but adds psychedelic elements to the mix. MAKE may not be a stoner band, but they sure as hell make music to get stoned to.

The entire album is a slow-paced slide through atmospheric sounds of psychedelic doom and is consistently mesmerising, with sounds ranging from crushing doom to swirling, spacey sludge. Best enjoyed at midnight with a fat spliff and a stroll through a forest.

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"Such an powerful and dynamic debut album of this mighty sludge trio from North Carolina...stomping riffs...dark tune's with a touch of space and psych parts...prepare to fight...enjoy this great album and also listen to other great band's of Devouter Record's like Wiht or Cultura Trees"

big thanks to Phil

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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