Wednesday, July 11, 2012

...the assassins will get you...


In Copenhagen, 2008, Emil, Joe and Neil decided to join forces and form a tightly knit trio, to be known as Shogun Assassins. They had played in various bands together since their early youth, but as these groups had disbanded over the past years, the three friends found themselves looking for new guns to shoot, and new songs to write.

The principal idea behind Shogun Assassins was to make free s...pirited rock music and have fun with it. However, it grew more serious too, as the group insisted to develop their music until it would clearly express themselves, and reflect their energy. Countless free flowing jam sessions where spent trimming, upgrading, tuning and adjusting their musical engine, and developing the sound they now call their own.
During this time the ever ongoing experiments with musical style and songwriting started to produce more psychedelic and 60s inspired sounds. At the same time the ambitions grew. This ultimately led to the second EP release, titled 'Blue Liquid, Black Sounds, Red Display' recorded early in 2012. This time a professional team was chosen to help produce the record. Danish underground legend Johan Lei Gellett engineered and co-produced the three tracks, and world renown mastering technician Alex Saltz mastered them. The EP displayed sounds ranging from a groovy, heavy blues with a psychedelic vibe to a darker, more stoner and doom inspired style.
As of the early summer 2012 Shogun Assassins is writing material for a new release in album length, playing shows all around Denmark and planning an international tour.
Production was handled by Johan Lei Gellett (Baby Woodrose, The Good The Bad etc.) and it was mastered by Alex Saltz (Roky Erickson, The Raconteurs etc.). The record was released May 31 2012 on Psychenhagen Records.

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"This nice guys have create a sound out of their own mood's and feeling' can feel it, download the
new 3 track album for free on bandcamp or order the beautiful and handcrafted CD-version of Blue Liquid Black Sounds Red Display. Printed on heavy-duty silk paper and sewn. 
I think all three song's has a great potential...i like it more than a album with 11 song's and only one burner they make only three but instead they do this killer album. Listen to it...because it's good for you!!!" 
big thanks to Joe Nash
8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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